After 18 hours on the road on Saturday, I finally landed in Boston. My friend Connor and I left Raleigh at about 4:30 on Saturday morning, arrived in Wilmington, DE around 12:30 to eat lunch with my grandparents and take a short nap at their house (neither of us slept on Friday night), picked up the keys from my landlord at about midnight and stepped into my new apartment shortly thereafter. We spent all day Sunday doing touristy stuff around Boston since it was Connor’s first time here, and I drove him to the airport at about 5:30 this morning.

I haven’t had much sleep since Thursday night. Hopefully all my furniture and other belongings will arrive sometime this week so I can actually settle in. I have a sheet, a pillow, a blanket, and an air mattress until then. At least there are a bunch of unsecured access points around my building to hold me over until I can get the cable hooked up.

Too much silence

October was a very busy month for me. It started out in Seattle at the Helix Summit at RealNetworks, moved immediately to the GNOME summit in Boston, and ended with the Mono Summit, also in Boston. I’ve so far only spent 6 nights at my apartment in Raleigh this month.

During all that time, I think I managed to [rather quietly] make two or three Banshee releases.

I’ve got a month of blogging to catch up on, and have a massive post/update on Banshee in the works (and has been for some time, so please forgive me). It’ll be full of goodies, so keep an eye out for it in the next day or so.

Not so free airport WiFi?

In April, I was happy to find free WiFi access at RDU. After getting passed security this morning, which didn’t take enough time (whenever you expect security to take forever, you just walk right through… it’s a law), I headed to the place that had the free access.

However, selecting the same network as last time (ESSID attwifi) I was depressed to find that a 24 hour pass was now $8. The tmobile network is $10 for the same access. Suck :-(.

I’m at RDU for another 1.5 hours and will be in Philly for another 4 before falling asleep on my way to Barcelona. I went ahead and purchased a day pass. I feel violated. There’s allegedly AT&T hot spots at the airport in Philly but my luck will be that they aren’t in the right terminal, or don’t exist, or are down, or suck, or something.

Seriously though, I am amazed at how quickly I got passed security this morning. It’s a record. I was able to get out of the car, check my bag and get into the terminal in an impressive 10 minutes. Three cheers for low travel volume and friendly and efficient check-in and security personnel.