Projects I’m Involved In

Banshee Logo

Here’s an incomplete list of some of the larger and more recent projects I’m working on. One of these days I’d like to dig through my past and archive all the random (interesting) crap that I’ve worked on over the years.

  • Banshee
    I started this project in December, 2004. First it was called Remix, then Sonance, and finally Banshee. Banshee is a music management and playback application for GNOME, developed on Mono and GNOME technologies.

  • openSUSE
    Since joining Novell in May, 2005, I have worked primarily on our multimedia stack for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and openSUSE. I work mostly on Banshee, which due to its breadth, entails me often working on platform level components and other sub-projects.

  • PodSleuth
    PodSleuth is a cross platform library for probing iPods and collecting metadata for iPod related libraries such as ipod-sharp and applications like Banshee. PodSleuth on Linux is implemented as a HAL callout and PodSleuth’s findings are exposed as HAL properties on an iPod virtual device.

  • Mono.Zeroconf
    I developed Mono.Zeroconf as a way to abstract the fact that there is no single-platform solution for solid zero configuration networking. On Linux Avahi is now the best supported standard and is far superior to Bonjour, yet on Windows and OS X, Bonjour is the only viable solution. Mono.Zeroconf works with both provider stacks and provides a single API that is an intersection of both platforms.

  • ipod-sharp
    I guess you can call me a co-maintainer of ipod-sharp, the library Banshee uses to actually synchronize an iPod. PodSleuth and ipod-sharp are married. ipod-sharp is the brainchild of James Willcox.

  • RhapHost
    This is a slick library that is still in its infancy, and unfortunately is starting to go stale due to lack of time. Essentially it is a bare-bones implementation of the NS Plugin host API in Mozilla specifically targeted at loading the Rhapsody for the Web Mozilla plugin, and then exposing its API over DBus to allow applications to integrate Rhapsody support. If you’re interested in working on this, please contact me!

  • libipoddevice
    When it was time for Banshee to support iPods, libipoddevice was the first of many sub-projects that I started under the umbrella of Banshee. It was deprecated in October, 2007 in favor of PodSleuth.