Real American Heroes: Toilet Trouble

Friends, in these tough economic times, we’re all expected to go above and beyond the usual call of duty. My very dear friend Miguel regularly executes on this mantra and today was no exception.

This afternoon, he was spotted tending to a toilet emergency. Miguel went above and beyond, demonstrating his fearless leadership and improvisational skills. He has declined to comment on the matter however.

Miguel stops an overflowing toilet
Miguel stopping an overflowing toilet
at the Novell Cambridge office.

We’ve yet to generate any leads in this case of backlog, but we will be setting up an anonymous tip-line. Stay tuned.

Miguel wading through toilet water
Miguel wading through toilet water in his boots
after the overflow was stopped. Bless him.

VP of developer platform & visionary by day, plumber by… day as well.

11 Replies to “Real American Heroes: Toilet Trouble”

  1. I love that he keeps his headphones loosely draped around his neck during this delicate operation. Classic Miguel.

  2. Even though Joseph was not in the office, I’m going to hold him 100% responsible. Chances are he left the backlog before he stepped on the plan to somewhere far far away!

  3. And just think — in so many companies, he’d get disciplinary action for doing something the union janitors are supposed to do… when they eventually decide to do it.

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