Banshee, GNOME, & Amazon MP3

GNOME Love!The Banshee logo During Gabriel’s talk at GUADEC, after working with members of the GNOME Foundation board, we were very excited to announce that the Amazon MP3 Store in Banshee would begin using an Amazon Affiliate ID, and that 100% of all revenue generated through this affiliate ID will go to the GNOME Foundation!

This means that any time you purchase MP3s through Banshee’s integrated Amazon MP3 Store, you are helping the GNOME Foundation help others.

These funds can be used in a number of creative ways that ultimately better Free & Open Source software and its communities.

We look forward to the future around this initiative, and hope that your purchases will help with things like sponsoring participants at conferences, organizing hackfests, and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy some music!

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  1. I want to, I really really do, but unfortunately I am unable to due to the lack of Banshee support on my operating system.

    All the documentation talks about Banshee on Windows “soon”, but none of that documentation seems particularly recent. Any recent work on this? Anything that a volunteer might be able to help with?

  2. Hey Aaron! Congrats for the awesome job that you guys have done in Banshee. These funds will be helpful for the GNOME Foundation.

    So, let’s buy some music! ;)

  3. @Stuart – A proprietary fork of Banshee by Fluendo called Moovida-core currently releases for Windows, perhaps you could try that in the meantime.

  4. That sounds awesome! And Amazon is the only online store I’ve actually bought MP3s from before (except for when NIN and radiohead put their stuff online) so I will likely use this feature. At least I would if I hadn’t made the switch back to rhythmbox since banshee’s support is completely b0rked and I’ve paid them for a subscription like I do every year.

  5. @ Stuart: install you a GNU/Linux distribution under Gnome as desktop. Best chance to get Banshee. Best way to support Open Source.

    Nice idea this Banshee store.

  6. Where is the Windows port? I’m serious. This should be a top priority. Why? Isn’t windows proprietary? Who cares about them? I’ll tell you why. Making a good windows port will get you more new users than becoming the default music player on Ubuntu. Perhaps by an order of magnitude.
    Tons of ppl are switching off the iphone to and android based phone but they have no alternative music player to iTunes. So they keep using itunes. Great – that’s opportunity lost everyday. Once a windows port is out, the effort can go back to adding new features.

  7. @akns first of all, who are you to demand things from a community like that? Where is your contribution?

    I’m not an idiot – getting the Windows version out has been something personally I’ve wanted to do, obviously, forever. Moovida is a good start. Check it out. We’ll get there this year, thanks to Moovida’s efforts.

    But you know what the difference between you and Moovida is? THEY CONTRIBUTED. THEY STEPPED UP.

    Obviously there are more Windows users than Linux users. Why would you even point that out. But think about how the community of CONTRIBUTORS works:

    (a) it’s made up entirely of people who use Linux, and know Linux
    (b) why would they (personally) care much about porting to Windows?
    (c) instead they contribute what little and very valuable time they have to make the project great on the platform that they care about

    So either chip in, or wait it out. Or don’t.

  8. As I asked in my earlier comment, can you offer any suggestions as to how one might chip in on this? I program C# for my day job, but mostly in the web world (with a small smattering of WinForms) so I’m not sure exactly whether any of my skillset might apply to this particular problem. I honestly don’t know whether I’d be able to find the time to devote to making a serious dent in it even if so, but mainly I don’t know where to look to start. What’s preventing a Windows release at the moment? How would I find out whether any of the blockers are things that a newbie contributor might be able to help with?

  9. @Aaron, thanks for the news on the windows version :) My only qualm has been the lack of news and I was afraid the windows port was dead in the water or something.
    Moovida is nice but I find the black and orange theme atrocious. From what I have seen the windows port of banshee will have a more native look. Can’t wait for the windows version :)
    And amazon mp3 integrated is great, its the main site where I buy all my music.

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