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Just a quick note that I have packaged the Droid fonts from Android for openSUSE. I’ve submitted the package to Factory so we should have them in 11.2. Droid fonts are freely available from Ascender.

Install ’em now!

Stefano Forenza has some more details on getting the most out of these delicious free fonts. Kudos!

Update: I incorrectly attributed Stefano’s post to Neil J Patel, who actually pointed out Stefano’s post on Twitter. Twitter is king! So thanks to both Stefano, and Neil for spreading the link :-)

9 Replies to “Droid Fonts for openSUSE”

  1. Wouldn’t it be cool if openSUSE named all fonts packages like “fonts-$TYPE-$FAMILY” e.g. fonts-ttf-droid, fonts-bitmap-artwiz etc?

  2. Do those fonts actually look good for you? For me, “i” look” like “I” in firefox (it’s really hard to tell apart the dot).

  3. @kjk: please file a bug, I’m certainly not opposed to changing the convention, though TTF is really all that we care about these days, that part I think is pointless. And “zypper se font” will show you all the font packages available anyway.

    @Michael: I have mixed feelings about the Droid fonts in general. I think they work best certainly for mobile screens (they look awesome on my G1), and tend to find they look better on Netbook LCDs compared to my 24″ LCD for my Desktop.

    I’ll stick with Calibri, and you can hate me for using a non-free font ;) I just wanted to get these packaged so others could try them. They’re all the rage now. You might try playing around with various hinting techniques as well.

  4. Thanks for packaging these. I love the compactness of the sans font. I want to like the monospace font, but it falls into the trap of making the lower space L look like a one.

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