He Do need a laptop, we Do need Do

Jason Smith, who has been driving GNOME Do forward these past few months broke his laptop and is in need of a new one. If you can send a few bucks for the cause please follow the link to the PayPal or Fundable donation. Help keep Do alive!


Help Jason!

Oh, in related news, I’ve finally removed all forms of traditional navigation on all my machines. No more main menu or slab. It’s all Do, all the time. Try it!

3 Replies to “He Do need a laptop, we Do need Do”

  1. I switched to pure deskbar over two years ago. Haven’t looked back :-) These modern “activation-interfaces”, or what we should call them, are just so ridiculously more fun, fast, and convenient to use…

  2. That’s precisely what I was thinking when Miguel asked for a gnome panel replacement. No panel. Although it would be nice to figure out the initial problem of discoverability.

  3. Do is nice, but gnome-session-daemon isn’t. Frequently doesn’t run Do, panel or nautilus for me. I’m not filing bugs ATM, since 2.24.x might make them go away for me.

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