openSUSE 11.0 Launch Party, Boston/Cambridge


On Thursday, June 19th at 6 PM, we’ll be holding an openSUSE 11.0 launch party at the Novell Cambridge office at 8 Cambridge Center (Kendall Square area). If you’re in the area, stop by with your appetite and a laptop. We’ll provide the pizza, network, install media, and live CDs!

Please RSVP in a comment on this post as I need a head count for the pizza order.

We hope to see you there!

Banshee 1.0 Released!

The Banshee logo

It is my immense pleasure to formally announce the release of Banshee 1.0. After nearly eight months of vigorous, non-stop work (since the last major Banshee release), it’s here – and we couldn’t be happier!

I’m not going to highlight much of the release in this post since we have written up some rather dashing release notes, full of pretty pictures and exciting detail.

Do yourself a service today, and try the release for yourself!

Install Banshee 1.0 – Binaries Ready Today

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Release Highlights

I would however feel a little disappointed if I didn’t at least mention some of the awesomeness that Banshee 1.0 has in store, but really, you should read our release notes. We spent a lot of time on them!

  • Artist/Album browser
    Visually filter your collection with album art

  • Video playback and management
    Create video playlists, smart playlists, browse, search, and sort your video library — just like your music library

  • Powerful Podcasting
    Supporting video podcasts and stream content before or while you download — no waiting!

  • Rich integration
    Create your own radio stations and discover new music

  • Play Queue Source
    You be the DJ

  • Lots of supported hardware
    MTP/PlaysForSure players, USB mass storage players, iPods, audio CD playback and ripping, CD burning

  • Performance improvements
    Better scalability, impressive speed, lower memory footprint

  • Compelling framework
    It’s easy to bring new features to life in Banshee through its powerful extension framework and rich APIs. In fact, most of the features in Banshee are extensions themselves. Drop into IRC and start hacking on your favorite feature today!

New Web Site — Finally

Gabriel and I have spent the last four days cranking out the new Banshee web site. We’ve still got tons of content to organize and migrate from the old wiki, but we think this new web site will become a strong asset to the Banshee Project in due time.

Why are you still reading this?

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Favorite Bug of the Day

As we rapidly approach our final 1.0 release at the end of this week, Gabriel and I have been bug fixing machines since RC1.

Today though, the following issue wins first prize in the all-time favorite-of-the-day category:

As a result, I did some digging, and in turn filed a downstream bug.

I guess it’s the price we pay for being second class to our toolkit of choice… almost a year later.

UPDATE: After thinking about this a little longer, what I find really interesting here is that at the engine level, Clearlooks seems to have cleaned up a bit and possibly supports standardized hints, something I suggested as a possible stop-gap solution in my original rant from last year, linked above.

This means much of the fundamental problem is seemingly deferred now to GTK RC, which at least allows for hackable workarounds in non-stock GTK widgets. I’ll investigate setting the following directly on our widget:

engine "clearlooks" {
    hint = "treeview"

At the end of the day though, GTK is way overdue for some serious overhaul.