Banshee 1.0 Reviews

Last week we made the Banshee 1.0 Beta 2 release, and things are really shaping up. There was strong positive buzz around this release in particular, and we’ll have RC1 out at the end of this week with some fantastic improvements.

Some recent press surrounding Banshee 1.0:

Our final 1.0 release is just around the corner, and we’re really excited!

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  1. My quick, unsolicited review: the GUI is slick as hell, it uses surprisingly little computer resources (I was expecting quite a bit, being a mono app), import is really fast, and I _really_ like how it manages to download the covers for even quite rare albums. It also gets the covers right much more than any other apps I’ve seen.

    Things that could use improevement: It doesn’t understand the concept of multi-artist albums too well and there’s no clear way to update already imported folders. I hope at least the last issue is fixed before 1.0 proper.

  2. I’m going to become huge pain in the ass. I’ve already posted on Gabriel’s forum! Basically,there is one feature missing from almost every Linux media player, and I cannot understand why: the ‘comments’ metadata field!

    Aaron, can you, as the lead developer, tell me why this function is absent from Banshee? Is it because the comments field can have multiple values, and regularly gets polluted by iTunes, MP3gain, MusicMatch etc?

    I’ll tell you why it’s sooo important to me: I put comments into all of my tracks. I’ve got about 20,000 of them tagged so far. I then create smart playlists based on the comments. The comments themselves much better than genres because they actually describe the sound of the track – keywords like ‘dramatic’, ‘dark’, ‘catchy’, ‘melancholy’, ‘groovy’ etc… Also, I don’t care for static playlists, (Can YOU remember every tune you own, and know exactly what you want to listen to? Neither can I!) Instead, I simply put together smart playlist with something like “comment = catchy upbeat rockin” and Woo! Off I go!

    When I get some new CDs, I rip them and put in some comments during the first listening. I can then forget that I bought them, but they’ll still pop up over the next few months based on the listening mood I’m in. Ratings can happen at some point afterwards. This is the only way I know how to enjoy my music. (I do occasionally put a static playlist together if I’m in the mood for something particular, but this is the exception rather than the rule.)

    Unfortunately, I can’t do this in Linux. I have to run stoopid poxy iTunes through Wine, which is clunky and slow.Or Amarok, which is much too playlist-orientated and can’t (for the love of God why?) edit m4a metadata.

    Anyways, other than this oversight, I love Banshee. I just can’t use it! Feel free to flame me, I can take it.

  3. Nice rant :)

    So we have all that set up to handle in our database. For 1.0, we did not spend any time revisiting our track editor though, so it’s not exposed in the UI. Redesigning the editor to allow for more advanced field editing is high on my priority list for the Banshee 1.1 series which we’ll start hacking on almost immediately.

    However, my blog isn’t our bug database, where we track enhancement requests, so, go file a bug :)

  4. Yes, I do like to rant.

    I’ve just created a bugzilla account and added a new feature request, but not for the track editor – I’m more interested in having comments available in the Smart Playlists. I will add a feature request for the track editor too though.

    Thanks for the response. Banshee is an great music player. Keep up the fantastic work.

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