Banshee is friggin awesome

As overheard recently in the #banshee IRC channel:

<woodwizzle> Is there a way I can select all the songs in a directory? …
<gabaug> woodwizzle: search for path:directoryname
<gabaug> that’s path[colon]directoryname
<woodwizzle> ooh, thats cool
<woodwizzle> in fact that is friggin awesome

Our query support is fantastic. Try the alpha.

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  1. That looks pretty awesome, although why is there no genre field? Believe it or not, this is sometimes useful – for example splitting my musical into classical and not classical.

  2. The new query language is great but it doesn’t seem to be possible to search on arbitrary tags, so I seems pretty limited compared to what is available in some other media players.
    For example, how can I do to search for all tracks that have the “version” tag set to ‘instrumental’?

  3. @cryptonic: I suggest filing a bug report instead of using my blog. It’s actually not a support forum.

    @Henry: Genre exists, but there is still an unfinished portion of the new list view that doesn’t allow you to see all of the columns. It’ll be addressed in a subsequent alpha release.

    @Arthrun: It’s not a limitation of the query support – it searches any column in our database. However, we don’t index _every_ single tag in files. Maybe we should index that one. File a bug.

  4. I thought banshee looked cool but in terms of handling large play lists it doesn’t do very well, and for some reason now when i start it up it goes into a dead state ;(

  5. Aaron, this one was merely an example. The fact is that there are many useful tags that users could want to use and search for. For me, it’s the “version” tag, but maybe for another it would be the “language” tag or the “license” tag (What if I want to search for Italian songs that are licensed under Creative Commons?).
    The metadata indexing system should be flexible and allow to search for any metadata present in files.

    But enough whining. The job you guys have done is really awesome, keep up the good work :)

  6. Well, actually it simply doesn’t work in the prerelease. All the messages are in English. Probably it’s because of the executable’s file name change.

    BTW, do translators have to be reading the mailing list to be aware of upcoming releases?

  7. @Aaron : in fact the query function might be awesome, but it is hard to translate. That’s why we need to make extensive test for this new release of Banshee.


    Bob (one of your french translators)

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