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  1. Congratulations and thanks for another wonderful release!

    True, I would have hoped for this release to happen sooner, the banshee rewrite work that is already in trunk today is AMAZING. Combine this with the polish that went into this new 0.13.2 release and it is totally worth the waiting!

    Rock on!

  2. Nice job on the release. :)

    Looks like that album in the screencast was added a few months ago: http://musicbrainz.org/release/b3a8fd07-b386-47bf-97bc-5d14222e0c8c.html. As I mentioned in your last post about the metadata editor, it’s nice to see Banshee doing things elegantly, but it still doesn’t help submitting the albums for others to use. Using MusicBrainz’ text parser and about the same amount of time, albums are available to everyone. :)

    …or was that you that added it? ;)

  3. @Jesse: Banshee writes metadata to files, but it is not turned on by default. It can easily be enabled by checking the box in the preferences dialog.

    @Andrew: The disc I have apparently results in a Disc ID that is different from the disc referenced in the link you posted, which causes no results to be returned. However, that’s not the point of the screencast.

    We will add album submitting in trunk at some point.

  4. @aaron: does banshee write metadata to ALL formats now? Last I checked, it worked only for mp3 I think, but not ogg.

  5. @Michael: TagLib/Banshee has always written to all formats it can read, but the last release did have a bad problem with writing OGG tags, which is fixed in 0.13.2.

  6. Thanks for the credit for my brilliant idea biotch! You just kissed your RACE nomination goodbye.

    Actually, this is pretty sweet dude. Nice work.

  7. Thanks for the new banshee, I’ll give it a try as soon as the new packages have been uploaded to Hardy, which should be any day now!

    Unfortunately, I can’t agree with you regarding support for the ipod touch and iphone (I have followed the *rant* on the mailing list as well!). The main reason, other than the fact that I have one of these, is that these devices are already supported by libgpod which enables them in Rhythmbox, Amarok, GTKpod, gPodder, and maybe others. Although I completely disagree with the way Apple is doing business and closing their platform, the point is that Banshee shouldn’t end up being the only player not supporting them.

    One last point, what are the chances of Apple changing their ways now? You’ve done brilliantly with Podsleuth, please keep going! Thanks again!

  8. No luck for my iPod Classic 80G (Firmware 1.1 / Database version 25 / Previously sync-ed with iTunes 7.5).

    Banshee couldn’t load the contents of my iPod, saying something like the database is too new.. Do I have to rebuild the db? (it seems RythmBox or the like does the *read* part pretty well. i was hoping the new Banshee could do the *write* part for me) I already have more than 70G’s data in there..

  9. Hi all,
    I’m all with the Nicolas’ point of view. I do love Banshee, it is my only music player and I use it for my personal iPod (5th Gen) and my wife’s nano (2 Gen). I’m going to buy an iPhone and if Banshe doesn’t support it, I wouldn’t have any other choice than switching to another music management tool and and don’t want to get rid off Bashee.


  10. No luck here either, met all of the dependencies for running the iPod Classic as claimed however I get the ‘unable to read your ipod’ message due to it being synced on a recent version of iTunes.

    What are the effects of rebuilding the library option? Does it downgrade the firmware? Will I loose all of the data stored on the iPods memory aside from the music? Since I use it as storage I don’t want to loose all my files in a rebuild…

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