Plugins, Addins, Extensions, oh my!

We are hard at work on the next generation of Banshee, and I’ll be posting details and juicy screencasts and screenshots soon. What I’m curious about now is what we should call Plugins in our UI. We use Mono.Addins in trunk now, and I have been thinking about renaming Plugins in the UI to something else, such as Extensions. My first thought was, “what does everyone else use?”

That wasn’t so helpful:

  • Banshee, Totem, gedit: Plugins
  • F-Spot, Epiphany, Firefox: Extensions
  • Tomboy: Add-ins

While this is just a small sampling of GNOME applications I thought of in 30 seconds, by far I think Tomboy loses. Add-ins, especially hyphenated, is weird. Note that Firefox seems to mix Extensions and Add-ons. Extra weird.

So the vote is between keeping it Plugins or switching to Extensions. I don’t care either way, but it would be nice to settle on some consistency within GNOME. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. Just a thought.

Some other names we have thought of include: Plugstensions, Bundleups, Snap-Ins, Snap-Ons, and snorp even recommended Butt-Plugs, but I don’t want to think too far into that one. I am sure Strap-Ons was in the running at some point too.

This is where you leave your €0.02. I hope it gets philosophical.

UPDATE: It seems like Extensions wins. Bugs filed against Totem, gedit, Rhythmbox, Tomboy, MonoDevelop, and Banshee. Other applications I’ve run across are already using Extensions, like F-Spot and Epiphany.

Font Sadness

I remember the days, not so long ago, when I could drop new fonts in my ~/.fonts directory and run fc-cache. The next time I instantiated a GNOME font chooser dialog somewhere, I would see my new fonts. It seems that in GNOME 2.20, I now need to restart my entire GNOME session to have the fonts show up. What is up with that? There must be a way around this. Anyone? Anyone?

Granted, I don’t even think I should have to run fc-cache. Ideally I should just be able to drop a bunch of fonts into the fonts directory in Nautilus and everything just works. That doesn’t seem to be the case either.

UPDATE: fc-cache works now, and I see my fonts without restarting the session. I apparently had a corrupt font cache or something. Although I’m not sure why a session restart addressed it. I’d still be interested in knowing if it’s possible to add fonts without using a terminal — it’s not obvious to me at all how this is accomplished in GNOME.