Dogfooding Banshee’s new iPod support

I would like to hold an impromptu bug day, with very short notice, focusing on iPod support on Wednesday, October 10th, starting at around 1PM Eastern time in #banshee on Gimpnet. I have tossed together some quick instructions on building all the necessary components.

A lot has changed regarding iPod support in Banshee.

  • Using a new hardware layer called PodSleuth that integrates into HAL.
  • ipod-sharp has gone through some extensive device level refactoring and has been updated to support the new iPod Nanos and iPod Classics that have caused so much unfortunate commotion in the past few weeks.
  • Banshee has been updated to use the new ipod-sharp API and there are a handful of general iPod fixes at this level as well.

Anyone willing to test out this new code with an iPod of any kind (except the iPhone or iPod Touch) will be much appreciated. I plan on releasing Banshee 0.13.2 late this week or early next week with this stuff rolled in. Please follow the instructions above for building a fresh Banshee/iPod stack for the testing so everyone involved will be on the same slate.

I have created a component in Banshee’s bugzilla called iPodBugDay. Any bugs filed as a result of tomorrow’s testing should be filed under this component.

6 Replies to “Dogfooding Banshee’s new iPod support”

  1. My I ask why the code should be tested with all but the iPhone or iPod Touch? I would like to help out but the iPhone is the only Apple product I own.

  2. Because the iPhone and iPod Touch are the most crippled “iPod” devices Apple has yet to release. They do not do mass storage out of the box and do not follow any of the “standards” that any traditional iPods do. They are, from a purely technical and historical standpoint, not iPods at all. Thus they are not yet supported at all in our stack. Please send your thanks to Apple :-).

  3. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for providing us with Banshee, its a great software!.

    However, I recently bought an iPhone and I have no way to sync it in Linux. When can we expect support?


  4. @Aaron, you can already use gtkpod or amarok with the ipod touch and iphone. I’m sure your device will be supported in most other media player if volonteers work on it.

  5. Hey Aaron,

    Actually you can support the sshfs method used by the other players… you just need to read the god-damn ipodDB from iphone and iTouches… god blame Apple for calling those devices iPods… but the community will be glad to see it coming!!!



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