Superhero Gabriel Burt joins Novell

Gabriel Burt

Community member extraordinaire Gabriel Burt (“gabaug”), of Banshee, F-Spot, and many other fames, has joined the desktop team at Novell to help work on Banshee and general multimedia support in openSUSE and SLED!

Gabriel has been an active and enthusiastic developer on Banshee for the last couple of years, contributing very notable components to the project, including Smart Playlists, Generic USB mass storage audio player support, and the Bookmarks plugin along with lots of general bug fixing, feature enhancement, and community support.

He also helps maintain F-Spot and has done a lot of work on the tag view and contributed the very innovative drag-and-drop tag searching.

Our first joint task on Banshee will be to construct a new road map for the project, so stay tuned, Banshee enthusiasts — many exciting new things are in the pipeline!

Welcome to the team Gabriel!

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