Rock on, Jono

I perhaps should disclose publicly now that the decision was made on November 1, 2006 to lift the proactive ban on Jono’s World of Metal, which was originally put in place during GUADEC 2006. We may have to re-evaluate the lift in Birmingham however.

Jono, welcome to our project!

The next 6 months are going to represent exciting, drastic, and hopefully welcome changes to Banshee. I will write more in the coming days about what else will land in the near future. You may be able to get a hint from our roadmap.

Oh, Jono, Pepsi is fine as long as it comes with a whiskey chaser, but sadly I won’t be going to LRL. See you at GUADEC!

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  1. This raised an interesting feature. Should there be an option in Banshee to hide certain DAAP streams, or should this be relegated to a plugin?

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