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  1. Aaron: any specific reason why you made the custom look ‘n feel and dropped the nice ‘n sweet consistent GTK+ look? I don’t know what other people think (and I have been proven to be wrong about cosmetics), but it feels somewhat awkward to me, as we’re trying so hard to get a consistent look across the desktop.

  2. RubenV: just my feeling!

    Ideally, there would be an option to turn back on the “native” look. I think there will be quite a lot people who will really like the way it is now, but many others prefer apps to look the same.

  3. @Ruben, Michael: I will have a rather detailed blog entry about why it’s not possible to write integrated and consistent complex custom widgets in GTK+. This screenshot just demos some ideas I’m playing with as well, and does not mean that I am set on that UI. For now let’s just say I’m pissed at GTK theme engines and themes. More later.

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