Good times to ensue

  • May 31 – Move out of Raleigh apartment; move in with parents
  • June 9 – Drive up to Boston with some friends
  • June 11-15 – Hope my stuff is delivered from Raleigh; settle into new apartment
  • June 21-24 – In Wilmington, Delaware for my Grandfather’s 80th birthday
  • July 3-4 – Night in Raleigh/Garner for Lake Benson fireworks
  • July 14-16 – In London, need something fun to do
  • July 16-22 – GUADEC, fun is guaranteed
  • July 22-25 – In Brussels, need something fun to do
  • July 25 – Back to Boston, hopefully to stay for a minute

12 Replies to “Good times to ensue”

  1. Are you not over early enough to come to LugRadio Live? We promise to not make you hack specific hatred into Banshee this time…

  2. >July 22-25 – In Brussels, need something fun to do

    Friday 22 and Saturday 23 night, you could come to the Jefke in the campus of ULB university (the uni where FOSDEM stands) and see how belgians do party when the academic year is over :)

    You might need a student card, but a false one is good if you look young enough to be a student. (

  3. sil: oops. I looked at the LRL 2006 page earlier; LRL 2007 is before I will get to Europe, so I it’s out of the question unfortunately. Maybe next year!

    Belgian uni party!

  4. yop > it’s in july not in june, the Jefke will be closed.
    But don’t worry there will still be plenty bar left open and partying student.

  5. Staz>
    My mistake, I read too fast. I thought that Aaron was coming in June.

    Sorry for any broken hope ;).

  6. Actually, I’m so lame that during all this time, I was wondering why the hell the GUADEC was scheduled during the students’ exams.

  7. 22nd of July is a great day to visit the ‘Gentse Feesten’. It’s not that far from Brussels and very easy to travel to by train. Visit around June to see what you can do. Basically it’s the core of the city of Ghent transformed into a place full of festivities, musical entertainment and a lot of great Belgian Beer (if you want a great night out, this is it). If you don’t know which beer to order here’s a list:

  8. Even though we should not promote the Gentsche Fieste too much (since already a lot of people fill town that period) – I concur with Yves Reynhout: De Gentsche Fieste (Gentse Feesten / Feasts of Ghent) are great! A dozen or so stages on the different squares in the inner with (free!) music, streets filled with crowds and (free!) street theatre as well as street-animation-for-spare-change, and a lot of jenever and beer. (Not free though – the expression “free as in beer” does not really apply here.)

    Don’t let the link fool you – it only lists a small portion of the Belgian beers. The site is a bit more complete. Festivities end on Monday 23 July – or, to be more accurate, Tuesday morning 24 July.

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