Oh Raleigh, how I will miss thee

So it’s finally official. It’s been coming for a while, but today I turned in my last rent check and my 30 days notice. I will be moving to Cambridge, MA to be able to work more closely with peers at the office around June 1st. This move will end my two year stint as a remote engineer for Novell, and I am greatly looking forward to spending time at the office on a regular basis, and to all that will come from the move. I’m going to miss Raleigh and everyone in it, but it’s fairly cheap and quick to return home for the occasional weekend.

On that note, I have not actually found a new place in Cambridge. The search is rather difficult as I am pretty picky, and because I love to cook, one of my biggest requirements is a large/semi-large, modern kitchen, and I also need parking – two things which seem to be fairly hard to find in the Boston area (I am quite spoiled when it comes to real estate in Raleigh). The few places I have found have fallen through due to various reasons (timing, basically). So if you know of any great places around Boston/Cambridge, ping me! If I don’t find a place in the next couple of weeks I’ll be homeless and “showering” at the office :-).

The next three months are going to be extremely busy!

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! I’ll keep a lookout for good places. You might want to try for a summer sublet so you can avoid being stuck in a place and have time to look around yourself.

  2. There is no shower in the office! ;)

    Mmmm there is a parking lot, that you can use for free. In addition to that, you can get a resident park permit and park in the street.

    You should take a look into Archstone in Cambridge, looks like a nice building, and it’s pretty near to the office.

    Wecome (to the office)!


  3. I’ve been pretty happy with Porter Square, though of course it’s a few stops away from the Novell office.

    I’m sure you’ll like living in Cambridge, it’s nice. Though if you’re absent minded like me you might end up donating cash to the City of Cambridge via their monthly street sweeping =/

  4. Cambridge is fantastic, but when I was looking for a place I found that I got more for my money out in Brookline. It’s a little ways away from Novell though, but you may have better luck finding a nicer kitchen, so it’s worth a look. Good luck!

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