Some updates at 3:23am

I released Banshee 0.12.1 which has a few big fixes, most of which are iPod related. Along with this Banshee release comes libipoddevice 0.5.3 and ipod-sharp 0.6.3 with support for the changes introduced by Apple in iTunes 7.1. If you have an iPod and use Banshee, especially if you have used that iPod with iTunes 7.1, you’ll want to update.

For the last month and some odd weeks I have mainly been working on fixes for Banshee 0.12.x and related areas, and making sure all will be rocking with SLED 10 SP1, to be released rather soon now. I submitted the equivalent of Banshee 0.12.1 for RC2 last night, and that’s what you can expect out of the box for SP1. I am eager to start hacking on trunk again, and will work on drawing up a road map for Banshee 0.13.x in the coming week. There are a number of other fringe projects I want to lend some attention to again as well.

Mark my pages

Tonight Gabriel informed me he spent a couple of hours hacking up a bookmarking plugin for Banshee. He’s committed it to trunk and takes the prize for getting the first new (and unexpected) feature into the new 0.13.x development series!

We are both a little unsure of the UI for doing bookmarks. I think the menu is probably okay – it’s out of the way at least. I’d like to see CTRL+D create a bookmark and also would like some kind of keyboard shortcut for activating an existing bookmark. Imagine you’re trying to learn a certain verse of a song or something and would like to quickly jump back to a bookmarked position.

I made a short screencast of it because I am now addicted to screencasts and I wanted a reason to unnecessarily use the totally awesome annotate plugin in Compiz.

Banshee Bookmarks
OGG Theora, 2.2MB

This plugin is only a few hours old and already there’s a lot I’d like to do with it, but I wouldn’t want it to get bloated. Probably just quick keyboard shortcuts. Awesome work Gabriel!

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  1. Cool new feature!

    The tools menu is getting crowded though… it seems to be the “put anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else” place… But well… I don’t have a better idea.

    But speaking of that tools menu, the current order seems to depend on the order plugins are loaded… could this be changed so that at least submenus (Audioscrobbler, Podcast) are shown before single items (download coverart..)?

  2. Nice to see Banshee moving right along; it’s been my player of choice, but only recently have some friends been impressed enough by it to switch.

    I like this idea of the bookmarks; they would definitely come in handy. But why buried in the Tools menu rather than as an entry in the Sources list? That has its drawbacks as well, but seems like a more accessible (and collapsible) place.

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