Banshee in Summer of Code (Not)

Banshee was rejected from the Summer of Code, as was GStreamer. I’ll just echo that having GStreamer rejected came as a bit of a surprise, and it would be nice to have some kind of justification. Some of the projects approved are rather “interesting” to say the least. I’m just curious as to what the selection criteria is, how selections are made, etc. Or maybe it’s not my place to wonder or care.

However, I have put a few of the more high-profile Banshee SoC ideas under Mono, and maybe one or two could go under GNOME as well – perhaps the more GStreamer related ones? Maybe there are already too many under GNOME? Maybe we’re not cool enough? I was hoping to put one or two under GStreamer’s SoC if Banshee was rejected – but we both lose! A little sad only because there were lots of existing Banshee contributor-students looking to hack on it with dedicated time this summer. I only applied because of their eagerness and community involvement.

If you have any exciting ideas not listed, we’re open to them, but the number of applications we can accept for Banshee under Mono will be limited compared to what we could have accepted if we were not rejected as our own organization.

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  1. It’s interesting to see how GNOME is approaching the Summer of Code differently than KDE is.

    Pretty much all KDE-related stuff is collected under a single “KDE” umbrella, and the KDE project then decides in-house how those projects are allocated to the different applications, frameworks, etc. (K-3D is the the single exception, and not involved at all with the KDE community afaik.)

    In the GNOME space, it seems to me like every high-profile app wants to be a seperate mentor organization. If you look at the GNOME community, you’ve got AbiSource, Beagle and Gaim accepted as mentor organizations, and those are undoubtedly integral parts of a GNOME desktop. maemo and OpenMoko are deeply involved with core GNOME and will be just as beneficial. If you involve the outer community, you can quickly add Inkscape, Mono, GnuCash, Fedora and Ubuntu as GNOME-centric projects.

    GStreamer and Avahi are definitely desktop agnostic enough to not only warrant inclusion into the mentor organization list, but also be listed seperately from GNOME. Same with most other projects I mentioned, because GNOME is only one (but important) aspect of those projects.

    Nevertheless, I don’t think that all the seperate apps should apply as mentor organization “just because they can”. Banshee is part of both the GNOME and the Mono communities, and I think you should act as part of those. If every single sub-project applies as mentor organization, you’ll get the same issue for desktop apps like is already the case with wikis.

  2. I also find it very disappointing. Mostly because the Gstreamer suggestions were great :)

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