Banshee… on Windows

To continue with the theme, the elusive Fredrik the Great spent a night of hacking last week on getting Banshee to run under Windows.

Banshee on Windows
Banshee: coming soon to a Windows desktop near you

I think his efforts were mainly out of curiosity, but they are a great step forward in getting Banshee to be cross platform. Fredrik chose to also implement an engine backend directly against Windows Media Player, called Banshee.MediaEngine.WMP10. It’s nice to have a native platform engine for playback, but I’ll be very interested in also getting the current GStreamer engine running under Windows as well.

We will be putting more serious effort into the Windows port of Banshee in the coming months. What I anticipate to be the real difficult part of this port is properly supporting all the hardware use cases, some of which should be much easier than others:

  • Audio CD detection
  • Digital Audio Player detection
  • CD Burning

I have zero working development knowledge on Windows, so I may just be over-speculating here. My concerns are mainly around the hardware events – on Linux we have this glorious thing called HAL. Anyone working on a Windows HAL port? :)

Luckily, the innards of Banshee are designed to allow easy implementations of platform specific pieces. Lots of factory/provider junk. It should make life at least a little more organized and allow for drop-in solutions for what’s missing.

Huge kudos goes to Mono, GTK+, and GNOME for already being there to make cross platform a reality. Much more on all this in due time. Congrats to Exaile.

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  1. As for the hardware detection/event stuff on windows, you might want to take a look at WMI which is exposed to .net in the System.Management assembly.

  2. Although I’m not a windows user, I’m glad you’re working at this port since everybody likes portability!

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I believe that Windows has had a concept of HAL since the days of Windows NT but I don’t know how it differs from that on Linux.

    The only articles I can find on msdn relate to troubleshooting rather than development. NDA protected info?

  4. I am new to windows and i think it’s about time we linux users so these ms loving freaks what great os software is out there def a step in the right direction keep up the great work

  5. I started work on porting to win32 with winforms using preprocessors leaving mono/gtk# code intact. Also built a mediaengine using which makes cdaudio easy

  6. You can use the windowprocedure to spy on hardware messages windows sends. I had this working in gtk a while back, if I can find the example I’ll send it your way.

  7. This is cool. But part of me deep down wants to say stop bringing linux to windows users and start bringing windows users to linux. But maybe exposing them to the greatness that is Banshee will.

  8. Look, there will always be Windows users, Mac OSX users, and Linux/Unix users. I don’t see any problem with porting Linux apps to Windows in fear of making Windows more popular. :P

  9. It will propably make it even easier to move from Windows to Linux if you can use the same applications.

  10. @ corey, stop being an elitest douche. i use linux and windows and it would be nice to have linux a little more mainstream. linux scares the average person and it pisses me off how linux users feel like it’s some kind of badge of honor. if linux is so great, why keep people confused and afraid of it? i like banshee alot and am glad it’s on windows. and yes i know the post is from 2 years ago :)


  11. Since no one else is answering, yes – there has been progress porting to windows. Currently there is work being done to make the trunk series (git master) build on windows in MonoDevelop without modifications to the code.
    There has been a large number of patches applied to do this and progress is fairly rapid.

    Also a number of people have successfully built the trunk version, with modifications – allowing developers to pinpoint where changes need to be made.

    It is possible (although unlikely) that banshee will have nightly windows builds by 2.0 (we’re currently at 1.9.2).

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