Banshee 0.11.7

I just released Banshee 0.11.7. Upstream sources are available from the Wiki release page and there are openSUSE packages for 10.1 (work on SLED 10 as well) and 10.2. If you’re running SUSE 10.1, SLED 10, or openSUSE 10.2, I’d strongly recommend adding the respective repository to your package manager of choice to stay current. I update the packages in the openSUSE build service as part of the upstream release process, so they’re always available within hours of the upstream sources hitting our server.

Banshee 0.11.6 marked the last release with new features for the 0.11.x series. 0.11.6 introduced local radio station management (add/remove/edit your own station groups and streams), the ability to disable the remote radio content, and some user interface polishing, along with a bunch of bug fixes. This release also marked string freeze for the 0.11.x series, so translators – you have free reign!

Banshee 0.11.7 is the first bug-fixes-only release. I fixed two potential crashers, and some DBus issues. If you have a bad DBus setup and the session bus cannot be found, Banshee will still run, but it will yell at you to either fix your DBus problems or try using dbus-launch. Alp fixed dbus-sharp (NDesk) to not barf when the session bus restarts, which was a huge pain. Kudos to Alp.

There was also a performance regression in TagLib# that found its way into 0.11.6, but it has been fixed for 0.11.7. You’d only notice this if you tried importing large amounts of MP3 files in 0.11.6. Much thanks to the venerable Brian Nickel for his work on TagLib#.

In all, the fixes and polish in 0.11.7 are certainly worth the upgrade, especially if you’re running anything below 0.11.6.

A number of translations have been updated by the awesome localization teams as well. Much thanks goes out to everyone involved in localization. Banshee is currently available, at least in part, in 31 languages. Since 0.11.6, Slovenian and Punjabi translations are now available. Wicked!

For 0.11.6, I also extended the audio profiles to support localization. Profiles are now localized in a number of languages. The UI for the profile combo box was also updated to show a profile description below the combo box to make choosing a good profile a little easier without having to go to “Edit.” The descriptions were also updated to be more informative and easy to understand.

Audio Profiles UI localized in Russian by Alexandre Prokoudine
Banshee Audio Profiles UI localized in Russian by Alexandre Prokoudine

More fixes will be on the way for what could potentially be the last point release in the 0.11.x series – expect this release by March 5th. Soon efforts will switch to more great feature work on the next series, along with more fixing and some really good performance work. 0.11.x has marked huge strides forward for the Banshee project, and the next series will be no less exciting, so stay tuned! I send a big personal thanks out to everyone who has taken a ride on the Banshee Train.

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  1. Great work! While there are still some minor annoyances with Banshee, an incredible amount of work and polish has been going into this app during this dev cycle! Amazing! I wish other projects (think: Evolution) would take a similar route. Thanks Aaron and anyone who contributed to Banshee!!

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  3. Aaron, thanks for your work on Banshee. Love it. The only thing I’m frustrated with is a lack of an equalizer. Music played via Banshee sounds flat. When can we expect the equalizer plugin that you have been working on for so long?

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