Banshee Community Forums now online

Today I finally set up the new Banshee Community Forums, following the lead of Jokosher. I’m not a fan of forums, but my opinion doesn’t really matter here and I hope they catch on in the ever-growing community of Banshee users and contributors!

As always, help, insight, and good times are always waiting for you on the Banshee IRC channel (#banshee on Gimpnet), the project wiki, and the Banshee mailing list. But what’s one more channel of support and community?

Lurk, read, sign up, ask questions, discuss ideas, and help others!

6 Replies to “Banshee Community Forums now online”

  1. Yeah, the Jokosher forums are something of an experiment. We’re pretty much aware that the people who Jokosher is aimed at, musicians, aren’t really going to go for the whole mailing list and wiki vibe; forums seem to be much more accessible for not-all-that-techie people. God knows why, since they’re just bad slow reinventions of Usenet, but I think that battle got lost a long time ago. If you come up with any good tips about running a forum dedicated to a project like this, let us know…

  2. Yep – I’ll call it “experimental” right now. I really just don’t get the point, but it’s easy enough to set up, and we’ve had a good deal of requests for such a thing.

    Increasingly often the same issues come up in the IRC channel that often don’t warrant entry into an offical FAQ, but are common for some short period of time, so hopefully forums may become some sort of temporary issue knowledge base.

    Our mailing list is pretty popular too, but it’s often a turn off to new users who aren’t familiar with such things and would rather just ask a quick question on the web. A forum also may feel more informal, so maybe random creativity can flow better there than on the list. Between the three modes of communication, I hope we can reach out to everyone.

    We’ll see where it goes!

  3. I think that Stuart and CPinto raise good points:

    1) The web-forums are the unaccessible wheel-reinvention of usenet/mailing-lists.
    2) It would be nice to have an OpenID registration.

    Based on the first, I would recommend using a gateway so as to sync forum messages with a mailing-list, so as to have both communities joined. A first quick search about this revealed me this link:

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