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The openSUSE Build Service is really rocking. A lot of great effort has gone into it, and I hope it’s close to being more publicly open for new packagers.

I tried a few weeks ago to start managing upstream Banshee builds within it, but there were a number of issues and it just didn’t work out too well.

However, after giving it another shot yesterday, I’m very pleased to announce now that the very latest release of Banshee is currently and will always be available on the openSUSE build service. I have added targets for openSUSE 10.1 and Factory (soon to be 10.2, which, by the way, is really shaping up to be an outstanding release).

So, openSUSE Banshee users, add the appropriate repository below for your distribution and enjoy the updates:

Note to SLED 10 users: the openSUSE 10.1 packages will work on SLED, but you will lose the Helix Banshee support (RealPlayer/AAC/MP3) that was shipped with the distribution. I am trying to figure out the best way to manage Helix Banshee/SLED specific builds. What’s in the openSUSE Build Service is strictly 100% open source/upstream and works only with GStreamer.

I also hope to soon be able to host builds/packages for other non-SUSE distributions such as Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, and Ubuntu. We’ll have the infrastructure in place within the build service to support this, so we’re definitely going to want to take advantage of it when the time comes! I think it’s important to note however that this would not replace packaging done by the excellent individual distribution packagers/contributors – it’d merely be a way to offer an official bleeding-edge (well, still stable) repository for users on a distribution that wish not to wait for the next distro release cycle to get a major update.

Finally, James Ogley also wrote about GNOME:Stable, GNOME:Unstable, and GNOME:Community pieces of the build service, effectively replacing his old repositories. I’m really pleased with this new direction of what I’d like to see become more community-driven packaging.

Multimedia across the board

Multimedia in openSUSE 10.2 should also be a pleasant experience for users. Aside from getting the latest and greatest Banshee in, last week I spent time fixing and updating GStreamer and Totem and making sure we had all the right components selected by default to give the the potential for an awesome in-browser multimedia video streaming experience.

I’ve been testing 10.2 on all the Fluendo Commercial Beta plugins, and it’s quite nice to just be able visit any site with embedded video and have it play in your browser. All you’ll need to do is drop in the right GStreamer plugins – which is another topic altogether.

Cool stuff now in the wild

Quite the release, Mono 1.2 is ready for indulgence! Fantastic news also from the DBus camp – 1.0 “Blue Bird” was finally released upon us! Eexxccellent.

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  1. I have been steadily building other packages for SLED10, they are available at –
    These are built with the focus of not totally messing up a SLED10 Install and all are categorized under a “CustomBuilt” Category so you can easily see what is not from Novell. So far I only had to “overwrite” a few packages from SLED10…Totem and mpegtools, just because of idiotic patent issues.

    I personally tried to install packages built for opensuse 10.1, but never had any luck… Thus these packages exist. NOTE that I am mostly converting Gentoo portage scripts into RPMs, not rebuilding other SRPMs available.

  2. I don’t know about the other distros you mentioned, but we (Mandriva) actually have an official repository which can be used to backport new versions of packages to the last stable release (2007). On our mirrors, it’s:


    so our banshee packager can, if he so chooses, build updated banshee packages for 2007 and provide them through this repository.

  3. I’m using the SLED repository. I realized after updating that I couldn’t play all my m4a files (of which that is the format of most of my music since I use iTunes in OS X and XP). Is there a workaround for the Helix support?

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