A smörgåsbord of text and an erratum

The History Channel Presents: gst-sharp

On the heels of my last post regarding GStreamer C# bindings, Alp Toker, original author of the first generation gst-sharp binding, provided me with a little more history regarding his binding.

“The ‘valiant effort’ to bind GStreamer in C# wasn’t just a couple of years ago, it was in 2002, and it targeted not GStreamer 0.8 but 0.4.1, making it one of the earliest GStreamer language bindings in use.”

I had thought the original binding started against 0.6.x, not 0.4.1, which is really cool and just one more reason why the new binding must become on par with other language bindings (PyGst).

Oh, yes, and some photos

I have posted some of my [less incriminating] photos from GUADEC. It was an absolute blast, and was wonderful to meet everyone in person finally. You can find my photos in the guadec2006 group on Flickr or in my F-Spot exported gallery. There’s way too much to write about on this subject, so I’ll reserve that for my thoughts.

Has anyone had problems listening to “Jono’s World of Metal”? For the record, Jono, Ted had everything to do with it. (actually, that’s completely false)

Just one more question: just who will have the honor of removing it? :-D

On the platter today…

My new head Sporting the ultra-sexy Fluendo hat, Christian delivered my new head for planet use. I like it very much. To whomever updates hackergotchi’s on various planets: would you mind doing me the honor?

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  1. It’s very funny how an obscure swedish word like “Smörgåsbord” gets used in english like this. The direct translation is “sandwich table”. :)

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