3 Replies to “WOooo!!O!O!”

  1. I’m with you Aaron. What a great game! I’m soooo relieved after what seemed like a major shift in series momentum over the past 2 games. What an awesome achievement by such a young team.

  2. congrats. I was rooting for edm, but if the cup cant come back to canada, at least I hope the win helps promote hockey in new markets.

    aaron, how big is the win for local media there?

  3. Well, I’ll throw in my 2 cents… I live in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte and Raleigh are the two largest cities in North Carolina. Charlotte is actually far larger than Raleigh, but Raleigh is also the state’s capital and is home for NC State with both UNC Chapel Hill and Duke very close by so it’s a hot bed for… well, honestly, mostly for College Basketball. It’s actually a bit funny and I’m quite certain that anyone from Raleigh will enjoy this statement alot… but Charlotte has now had 4 professional sports teams (not including the “minor” leagues) including the NBA Hornets (now gone), WNBA Sting, NFL Panthers, and the new NBA Bobcats (never mind NASCAR) and yet Raleigh scores first with a “National Championship” (though International is probably a better term… North American?). So, congrats Raleigh and congrats Canes.

    The South just isn’t a big Hockey area… I mean it’s just not that cold here. Our kids might ice skate if they go to Eastland Mall but the only other chance they’ll EVER ice skate is if they get introduced to it by a friend or parents that make a real effort. So… it just hasn’t really caught on here. That said, all of the excitement around the Stanley Cup finals has brought it more attention than ever before and I, for one, had a wonderful time watching it and was jumping up and down yelling last night along with everyone else.

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