Modern cars – they all look like electric shavers

Without any further delay, I bring you the Podcast plugin for Banshee, thanks to the arduous work of Mike Urbanski.

Podcasting in Banshee Podcasting in Banshee

Interested parties should definitely check it out and test. Banshee HEAD is required, so update your checkouts. The plugin code has been merged into the banshee-official-plugins module in Banshee Subversion. Congratulations Mike!

In related news, I released Banshee 0.10.10 last week, which was the first official release from the stable branch. And speaking of the stable branch, I guess I should actually mention that too. I branched from HEAD shortly after 0.10.9 to create the stable branch. Any more releases from the 0.10.x series will be based on this branch (BANSHEE_0_10_9_SL in CVS). The first from HEAD will be 0.11.0, but I have no time frame set for that. In SUSE/SLED, we are keeping up with the stable branch, so no new features will be introduced. I urge other packagers to do the same. I think 0.10.10 is now at least available in Ubuntu Dapper; not sure about FC5, et. al.

To highlight some of the greatness from 0.10.10:

  • Fully working and improved NJB DAP support (Creative Nomad, Dell DJ, etc.)
  • Really beefed-up CD burning; I think three or four fairly serious bugs were closed here
  • A nice handful of other bugs resolved

I also wrote up a quick roadmap for 0.11.x for the curious. It needs some organization and review, but my basic ideas are layed out there.

Now, regarding banshee-official-plugins, here’s how it breaks down: currently everything in this module is under development, unstable, and unreleased. Some plugins work against the stable branch while some require the latest and greatest from HEAD, but the module itself will configure and build against anything 0.10.10+. For 0.11.x, some of the plugins (or at least DAAP) will be split out from core into this new module. Currently it contains:

  • Mike’s podcast plugin
  • Felipe’s Mini Mode plugin
  • Fredrik’s Recommendation plugin
  • Gabriel’s Smart Playlists plugin
  • My iRadio plugin

Once a release is made of this module (probably for the 0.11.0 core release), these plugins should be stable and supported. Right now, however, not everything is completely ready to come out and play.

AA-000 Car

Switching gears: Evan (my brother), Jeff, and I drove down to Raven Rock for a little hiking on Saturday. Evan and I had been there a few times when we were younger, so it was nice to confirm that the rock was just a large as I thought it wouldn’t be anymore (makes sense, right?) The weather was absolutely perfect and the hike was great. It’s only a 45 minute drive from Raleigh, so if you’re in the area, it has my seal of approval.

On the way back to Raleigh, I found myself driving behind the sweeet car pictured above. What’s so peculiar? Look at the license plate. Either it’s really awesome and original or the owner it is a total prick with a fake plate. Oh, and I raced a Lotus in my Jeep. And by race I mean accelerated past him, and immediately took the next exit, which did happen to be my intended exit. Still, I raced a Lotus. Right? :-D

Me Evan Jeff The Rock

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  1. Hi Aaron just to tell you Gentoo as 0.10.10 in portage since saturday as usual :).
    Glad to know everyone is working on the plugins maybe someday i’ll make a few Gentoo packages for the plugins.

    Nice work!

  2. I love Banshee. Especially now that it’s become apparent that Rhythmbox is encased in a block of ice.

  3. Banshee is great but it seems to be horribly slow when jumping between large playlists. Nice improvements nonetheless.

  4. Yay! Podcast support! Thanks to the team for all the work on Banshee – it’s great!

    A cooler number plate would be: 0077BB (~the car’s colour in rgb-hex).

  5. How can I treat an Ipod as a standard DAP device. I use RockBox and am not interested in the iTunesDB support or transcoding. Is there a way to set this up in the binary dist of Banshee?

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