More daap-sharp… on Linux

In quick follow up to James’ post about getting daap-sharp working on Windows, I bring you a slightly adjusted version of the same System.Windows.Forms application running under Mono on Linux:

DAAP Browser in SWF

Now for the curious, here’s a zip file (isn’t that the standard “archive” format for winders? I thought I’d keep with the theme :-)) that contains the daap-sharp.dll with Bonjour/mDNSResponder support and browser.exe that is compiled against gmcs/C# 2.0. daap-sharp.dll connects to the same Zeroconf daemon (Bonjour) on both Linux and Windows, no changes necessary due to the Mono.Zeroconf bindings (unless you are running Avahi… just rebuild daap-sharp with Avahi support).

Here’s my slightly tweaked source; only two small changes were necessary to make it build under Mono. I merged all the SWF designer code and cleaned it up a little too. The VS.NET designer thing sure generates some ugly code! SWF makes me proud to develop in GTK ;-).

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