Free Airport WiFi?

So apparently RDU now offers free WiFi. Or at least some little food place does (ESSID ‘attwifi’ ). It’s a nice switch from the crappy $8,420/24-hr web-only-must-register WiFi they (and others) had before. There don’t seem to be any port restrictions and the speed and signal strength is great.

What’s interesting is that there is also a ‘tmobile’ ESSID, but I don’t feel like disconnecting to check it out :-D. If I weren’t in such a nice stop right now, I’d move around to see if it was all over. Anyway, thanks RDU!

7 Replies to “Free Airport WiFi?”

  1. There was free Wi-Fi in RDU for a long while (~4 years, was already there on my first trip to Raleigh) in the bar straight opposite the security gates. This barman has also been trying to sell me Tequila every time I tell him I’m flying back to London. Nice chap, but I prefer whisky.

  2. Eindhoven Airport in The Netherlands has a number of T-mobile wlan access points. Of course you must pay to use them. Fortunately, there’s also a “SpeedTouchXYZ” access point (presumably from one of the companies nearby) that provides open access. Rock! :P

  3. I can’t believe you just realized that you jackass. Hurry up and get back here so I can cruise in the Coachmen.

  4. Sacramento International airport (SMF) has free WiFi throughout all indoor public areas so you don’t have to seek out a hot spot.

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