Spring Cleaning

Lately I had been noticing that my Linode was really slow. I’ve got a fairly decenty setup with 180MB dedicated RAM, but SpamAssassain was making it crawl. Half of my swap was taken up almost immediately on boot. To keep more vital services up, I had taken Postfix down for a few days, so if you sent me any mail to an aaronbock.net/abock.org account, I probably missed it.

Running tail -f /var/log/syslog showed that I was getting hit about 15 times a second from some .ru spammer. I took this as an opportunity to just start over with the linode as it had been untouched in about a year. I noticed that Linode now has a 2.6.16 kernel with TLS support (finally), so I decided to try Hula for mail this time as I am really tired of dealing with Postfix and I hadn’t played with Hula in about 8 months.

All services are back online now, including Banshee SVN, various web sites, and mail. I am running Debian 3.1 (same as last time) with Apache2, MySQL 5, PHP 5.1, and Hula. I was very surprised to see WordPress work with MySQL 5 with only very minimal tweaking. Also, for the first time I decided to just use the Debian unstable packages for everything except Hula and WordPress, and I am very impressed. For the past 4-5 years I had always built my server services stack, but really don’t have time to maintain that anymore.

In the process of all this, I gained about 3GB of disk back by moving things around and merging various disk images, so life should be a little easier. I had been living with about 50MB of free disk for the past 6 months. It was not fun.

And for those who may be considering switching to MySQL 5 with a WordPress 2.0 install, be sure to execute these SQL queries against your migrated WP database:

ALTER TABLE wp_posts MODIFY post_content_filtered TEXT NULL;

Anyway, Hula is rocking hard. I am a fan. Evolution 2.6 also works great with its integrated Hula client, but I am guessing that it just uses Hula IMAP for mail. Not sure what else this does yet, but I am eager to find out. When I have some more spare time I will get Mono back on the box and play with CalDAV. Wooo.

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  1. Does linode use Xen. If not, I use unixshell.com and it is nice. I’ve always been happy with the performance of Xen over UML.

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