More daap-sharp… on Linux

In quick follow up to James’ post about getting daap-sharp working on Windows, I bring you a slightly adjusted version of the same System.Windows.Forms application running under Mono on Linux:

DAAP Browser in SWF

Now for the curious, here’s a zip file (isn’t that the standard “archive” format for winders? I thought I’d keep with the theme :-)) that contains the daap-sharp.dll with Bonjour/mDNSResponder support and browser.exe that is compiled against gmcs/C# 2.0. daap-sharp.dll connects to the same Zeroconf daemon (Bonjour) on both Linux and Windows, no changes necessary due to the Mono.Zeroconf bindings (unless you are running Avahi… just rebuild daap-sharp with Avahi support).

Here’s my slightly tweaked source; only two small changes were necessary to make it build under Mono. I merged all the SWF designer code and cleaned it up a little too. The VS.NET designer thing sure generates some ugly code! SWF makes me proud to develop in GTK ;-).

David on Xgl

Xgl/Compiz offers far more than smooth effects and great graphics far superior to any similar features in other systems, “up and coming” or not. It has the power to make the desktop a much more usable, productive, enlightening, and extensible tool. Hear all about it straight from David in his Novell Open Audio interview.

And when you realize you haven’t yet had enough, check out the plethora of other NOA shows, including my Banshee interview from mid-March. You just can’t get enough of the Illustrious Ted!

Free Airport WiFi?

So apparently RDU now offers free WiFi. Or at least some little food place does (ESSID ‘attwifi’ ). It’s a nice switch from the crappy $8,420/24-hr web-only-must-register WiFi they (and others) had before. There don’t seem to be any port restrictions and the speed and signal strength is great.

What’s interesting is that there is also a ‘tmobile’ ESSID, but I don’t feel like disconnecting to check it out :-D. If I weren’t in such a nice stop right now, I’d move around to see if it was all over. Anyway, thanks RDU!

Spring Cleaning

Lately I had been noticing that my Linode was really slow. I’ve got a fairly decenty setup with 180MB dedicated RAM, but SpamAssassain was making it crawl. Half of my swap was taken up almost immediately on boot. To keep more vital services up, I had taken Postfix down for a few days, so if you sent me any mail to an account, I probably missed it.

Running tail -f /var/log/syslog showed that I was getting hit about 15 times a second from some .ru spammer. I took this as an opportunity to just start over with the linode as it had been untouched in about a year. I noticed that Linode now has a 2.6.16 kernel with TLS support (finally), so I decided to try Hula for mail this time as I am really tired of dealing with Postfix and I hadn’t played with Hula in about 8 months.

All services are back online now, including Banshee SVN, various web sites, and mail. I am running Debian 3.1 (same as last time) with Apache2, MySQL 5, PHP 5.1, and Hula. I was very surprised to see WordPress work with MySQL 5 with only very minimal tweaking. Also, for the first time I decided to just use the Debian unstable packages for everything except Hula and WordPress, and I am very impressed. For the past 4-5 years I had always built my server services stack, but really don’t have time to maintain that anymore.

In the process of all this, I gained about 3GB of disk back by moving things around and merging various disk images, so life should be a little easier. I had been living with about 50MB of free disk for the past 6 months. It was not fun.

And for those who may be considering switching to MySQL 5 with a WordPress 2.0 install, be sure to execute these SQL queries against your migrated WP database:

ALTER TABLE wp_posts MODIFY post_content_filtered TEXT NULL;

Anyway, Hula is rocking hard. I am a fan. Evolution 2.6 also works great with its integrated Hula client, but I am guessing that it just uses Hula IMAP for mail. Not sure what else this does yet, but I am eager to find out. When I have some more spare time I will get Mono back on the box and play with CalDAV. Wooo.