My Recommendation?

I woke up this morning to find that Fredrik had developed yet another excellent and surprising Banshee plugin. This one totally has me hot for playing music. recommendations

That’s right, as you listen to music, the pane below the track list shows recommended/similar music ala Go Fredrik, Go! I have a good feeling there will be much more to come on this one. ;)

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  1. This looks amazing, but what happpens when you click on the artists – does it take you to the information page on last fm? What happens if you already have that artist in your collection?

    It would be good if there was an option to only list music you already have – good for people with large collections who want to lsiten to something similar to the current rtack in their library

  2. Currently it takes you to the page for the object. Next it will filter/play songs in your library if you have them, if not, it will go to the page (and eventually it will just stream from radio).

    Me implementing a browser is at the bottom of my priority list. I am focused primarily right now on making Banshee faster with a smaller memory footprint. Once I get the new view/model written, a browser that can take advantage of it will make much more sense. There is no point in writing a browser against the current track list model.

  3. Banshee rocks, im very happy with banshee and this pluggin will be great.

    PS: Aaron, I LOVE you gnome theme, where can i get it please?


  4. This is so cool. The one feature I really want though is the radio stations IN banshee. Deems kinda lame to need a seperate app for that.

  5. Heh… had to laugh when I saw this. When Apple put this feature into the latest iTunes, everybody ran a mile from it in case it was sending personal information to their servers :)

  6. Calum> Well if you’re giving up personal information at least you know exactly what your handing out because it’s all above the table (love open source) :)

  7. Well… Here’s a MPD user who sees how it’s becoming harder and harder not to use Banshee… :).
    I seriously tried it yesterday for the first time with a quite good impression. It’s awesome how it’s developing and all the posibilities. And this feature? Oh, God… i’ts something I’ve been dreaming about so many times…

    In the future I could develop a plugin to add a “download” option which could search on iTunes or other similar sites to buy&download the song.

    Resuming… great work. Here you got a new fan!

    P.D: Nice Metacity & GTK theme… I’d be glad to know the name :).

  8. Oh Cobo, I’ve been dreaming about this plugin too :P.

    I want the name of the Metacity & GTK theme too :D.

  9. The metacity theme is clearlooks, same goes for the gtk theme. Both standard in gnome 2.14.

    Icon theme looks like Tango :)

  10. Thx Øivind.

    Jesús and I been waiting for the Gentoo Gnome devs to make Gnome-2.14 ‘testing’ instead of ‘unstable’. Don’t know if I’m going to be able to wait though…


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