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At around 4 this morning I released Banshee 0.10.9, which encompasses some excellent changes.

I wrote two widgets that work together to make seeking and position reporting easier and more abstracted, which fits in well with the new PlayerEngine layout. The position label now draws a subtle progress bar behind its text when a stream is buffering. Because the seek/position widget is now decoupled from the main UI, I added a “Seek To” dialog that is resizable, if ultra-precision seeking is desired. Seeking is also now performed “live” – releasing the seek slider is not necessary to seek.

Banshee Stream Buffering

In addition to seeking and buffering changes, Banshee will handle metadata extracted from the playing stream and display it in the track info header. This works against the GStreamer 0.10 engine.

Next up was some much needed work on audio CD ripping. Or to be more specific: the combined task of both playing and ripping a CD. Ripping and playing has worked well for quite some time, but one fault has been that playing a CD while ripping has not been easily possible. This has been improved drastically. First, if the disk is playing when a rip is started, playback stops. Next, all tracks on the CD are disabled for playback in the track list. As the tracks are ripped, they become playable again in the track list. Their internal URIs are updated to the ripped copy and will no longer play off the CD directly. To both listen to and rip a CD, one only has to wait for the first track to rip to begin listening to the album sequentially.

Banshee CD Ripping

In the plugin world, work has started on an iRadio plugin, and the Podcasting plugin Mike Urbanski is working on should be available soon. Also, Jon Lech Johansen of MP3tunes has been working on an MP3tunes music locker plugin, which is now available in Banshee Subversion.

Banshee MP3tunes

Finally, in the DAP world, Gabriel Burt has made great progress with generic mass storage support, including landing many FDI patches in HAL CVS. Patrick van Staveren has also started investigating MTP support, which is the successor to NJB. At the moment, device detection and track listing is working.

… of course, more to come soon …

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  1. I really like Banshee, but I can’t use it unfortunately because it doesn’t display correctly none UTF-8 encoded tags, and yes I have a bug opened for that.

  2. Are there any plans to have an itunes style browser to make it easier to find songs? This is really the only reason I have stayed with RB for so long.

  3. There is also a libmtp, which may be a fork of libgphoto2 (that’s based off of some dim recall and may not be acurate).

    Here’s a forum quote from Feb. 18:
    “File upload works (so we can upload music and videos), but we don’t know how to add videos to the list so you can’t actually play them. Music works fine. As soon as we get hold of a player that supports video we will add support. ”

  4. Marcus: yes, I’m well aware that libgphoto2 supports MTP and there are bindings in C# for F-Spot. Patrick looked into those and also into libmtp. libmtp seemed better suited for audio/video support over MTP and was almost the same as libnjb, for obvious reasons. Patrick chose libmtp.

    Jon: yes, eventually.

    Nadeem: if you opened a bug, then it will be attended to, eventually.


  5. Hi, there
    First of all, great job you’re doing with Banshee.
    The reason I’m posting here is kinda trivial and I shouldn’t probably post it here, but I don’t know where exactly to.
    A long time ago you posted on your blog a little mono utility which whoever wanted to should start when connecting their mp3 players to their computers. The utility gathered info about the mp3 players, so that HAL can recognize more mass storage devices if they are actually players. I have a Cowon iAudio U2 and I sent the report of that little utility but up to this date my player is still not recognized as a mp3 player :(
    I’m sorry to bother you, but if you can point to a link where I can download the utility again and maybe run it once more and send someone responsible for hal the report. Or anything else…Of course if that won’t be any trouble.

    Thank you in advance!

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