This world is coated in cheese

Last night I released Banshee 0.10.8. I started reworking how the player engines work last Monday. Access to the player engines are now fully abstracted so the interface is entirely passive. This means that plugins can now do anything in terms of playback that the UI has always been able to do. I also modeled the new event/state system after the wonderful message bus idea in GStreamer 0.10.

This is all leading somewhere: the upcoming podcasting, iRadio, and streaming plugins. The player engines will be enhanced to be better suited for streaming (will send buffering messages, etc. so the UI can let the user know what’s going on). To test this, I have added a simple new “Open Location” dialog. You can now listen to a single arbitrary URI. I will also start working on updating stored metadata from metadata found in the stream. That’ll be neat.

The other major new “thing” in 0.10.8 is the Helix playback engine. To allow for 64 bit builds of Banshee with Helix support, I have moved playback out of process. I started a new module, helix-dbus-server, that exports the Helix hxclientkit API over DBus. In Banshee I have implemented a HelixRemote PlayerEngine to act as a client. This will allow for 64 bit builds of Banshee and a 32 bit build of helix-dbus-server. Helix is of course not 64 bit ready.

In other news, I shared my heart-attack fries with Wendy at a party over the weekend. She was delighted to indulge, and I was… simply amazed. Unfortunately, no one else seems to share our enthusiasm.

Heart Attack Fries Heart Attack Fries

On Sunday I countered it all with a long early morning run (it’s been a while) and no food. Today I ate a really awesome salad with homemade dressing.

A week or two ago, I found out that the photo of me eating the Ruby Tuesday’s Ultimate Colossal burger was published on an article about the burger on It was rather hilarious, though I don’t think the author really understood the expression on my face. I need to enter the timed contest.

Ah… time for some Colbert…

10 Replies to “This world is coated in cheese”

  1. Aaron In your quest for junk food you should find a way to eat a ‘poutine’.
    I might not be easy as it’s a meal that can only be found in the province of Quebec.
    I have left Quebec, I am now living in Europe, and I miss this glorious dish.


  2. Alan, I suppose you have seen the movie “super size me”. Burgers are not the problem, fries and coke are. Keep it up ;-)

  3. Emmanuel: I am not on a quest for junk food. I am on a quest for large, high quality burgers. And it just so happens that these heart attack fries are absolutely delicious on occasion.

    That being said, I actually eat very healthily (outside of these occasional indulgences). I rarely drink soft drinks, and cook many wonderful healthy meals each week. I also *exercise* regularly.

    Anyway, Poutine looks *awesome* :D

    Rob: Super Size Me was absolutely disgusting :)

  4. There’s a chip shop on Davie St. here in Vancouver which sells poutine, as well. Though I’ve heard it’s not as good as the real Quebec stuff.

  5. uhh excuse me how do you get helix player? i want to compile banshee from SVN but sadly banshee site isn’t that helpful to get the right things on how to compile it with the right tools =/

  6. Personally when it comes to commercialized, unhealthy food (can we call it food or have we stepped over into the realm of illicit, harmful, “drugs” disguised as a burger?) I vote for Arizona’s HEART ATTACK GRILL if only because they’ve run up against a blue-nose or two who have nothing better to do with than complain that somebody isn’t doing life their way, i.e., some nurse claiming the Heart ATTACK GRILL’s waitresses are demeaning to the nursing profession (no I am not getting into a debate; take your argument to their web site.) I have yet to hear a fire fighter complain about a hot little cutie in a fire fighter’s equipment being a dishonor to their profession, nor a police officer, nor a doctor or surgeon, or school teacher, or a nun or Catholic school girl…you get the idea. Fat-laden, high calorie, carby food and controversy. Ya gotta love it.

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