Banshee 0.10.7

I’m happy to say Banshee 0.10.7 is out, which finally includes the full GStreamer 0.10 port. I had ported the playback engine a few months ago for 0.10.0, but now the ripper and transcoder are complete.

Also new for this release is Bonjour/mDNSResponder support for DAAP. This means DAAP in Banshee works with both Avahi and Bonjour.

Though I personally find the genre concept absolutely useless, thanks to Oscar Forero, 0.10.7 has genre support in the interface (it’s always been supported behind the scenes).

The last major new feature for 0.10.7 is simple in implementation, but really cool. Behind the scenes is the addition of the IImportSource interface, and four implementations: FolderImportSource, FileImportSource, HomeDirectoryImportSource, and AudioCdSource. The first three implementations were refactored from the import code that was previously in the main interface, and the last implementation was simply extending the existing AudioCdSource to implement IImportSource.

What does this mean? A few things. The first goal was to provide a nicer importing interface with the main goal of allowing a user to easily import an audio CD from an initial popup dialog if the library was empty. It gives the first time user an easy starting point for exploration of the application.

The new Import Dialog

If the dialog is active and no audio CD present, and the user inserts one, then the combo box, like the source list in the main interface is updated to reflect the presence of the CD. The “Import Files/Import Folder” menu options were removed in favor of just “Import Music,” which launches the new import dialog. (Why there’s a need to differentiate between Import Folder and Import Files can be left for another discussion).

It should be relatively trivial to have DapSource implement IImportSource as well. When a DAP is plugged in, “Importing” it could literally mean “copy all the music from this device to my library.”

What’s more interesting however is that plugins can now provide and register their own IImportSources. To demonstrate, I spent a little time this afternoon implementing a BeagleImportSource. It simply queries Beagle for audio files, and adds them to the Banshee library. While it’s still a work in progress, some brave souls may wish to give it a try: svn co svn://

BeagleImportSource in the new import dialog

I’ve been hesitant to support GNOME VFS in the core, but writing a GnomeVfsImportSource would be fairly trivial for anyone who wants to take it on.

Finally, Gabriel Burt and Wade Berrier have been working on mass storage DAP support. Gabriel committed a first pass at it, but the plugin does not yet get installed. The next release may feature it by default.

Update: Thanks again to Gabriel and to Danny Kukawka for helping to get the DAP Probes turned into FDI entries. FDI entries for the 17 probes I received, plus a handful of other devices have landed in HAL HEAD!

2006-03-07  Danny Kukawka 

* fdi/information/10freedesktop/10-usb-music-players.fdi:
  Added several USB mp3 player to fdi file:
  - added patch from Gabriel Burt (gabriel .burt gmail) for 17 new devices
  - applied patches and added new devices from fd.o bugs: 6095, 6102,
    6107, 6130, 6135, 6140, 6148, 6155, 6156, 6160

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  1. Yeah, the genre concept is pretty silly. I’m generally more interested in moods – is a piece of music something I’d like to listen to while having a long breakfast on a sunny sunday morning? While eating a candle-lit dinner? While getting sloshed with a bunch of friends? While cleaning the house? While coding? Maybe Leaftag could come to the rescue here.

    The other thing I never got about basically all the modern audio players out there is the rating system – how am I supposed to rate tracks by The White Stripes, Autechre, Miles Davis and Beethoven on the same scale? And actually do something useful with that information?

  2. What I’d love to do eventually is implement a tagging system in Banshee, much like F-Spot has. You tag your music to describe it… and then make AND/OR queries to select tagged music to match your mood, among other groupings. In a more confined and closely related set, rating becomes more relevant and on scale.

    “Show me 30 of the highest rated songs tagged with sunday, rainy, and cold in randomly sorted by rating”

  3. Architecturally nice as a Beagle plug-in is, it would be much more user friendly to hide the Beagle plug-in from the UI and simply invoke it from a “search my disk for audio” menu option.

  4. What I really need is a way to associate the language with the songs. I like different languages and cultures like many others and use music to get more aquainted with these.

    Currently I live in German and as such listens to a lot of German music. As I have a Brazilian girlfriend I also listen to Portuguese music in order to learn the language and the culture better. I currently use the Gender for this, but it would be nicer to have some kind of language tag.

    Since I am interested in languages many of my “songs” are actually “audio books” and it would be nice to be able to mark them as such.

  5. “I’m generally more interested in moods […] Maybe Leaftag could come to the rescue here”

    “What I’d love to do eventually is implement a tagging system in Banshee, much like F-Spot has. You tag your music to describe it…”

    “What I really need is a way to associate the language with the songs.”

    I think Leaftag is definitely the way forward for all of the above situations. Banshee could support existing tags in the file system (an mp3 tagged “french” would match an existing “in-Banshee” language tagset, “happy” would match a mood tagset etc. That would rock! Using inotify / other mechanism, when tags are updated via the file manager / other application, Banshee would also be aware, and vice-versa.


  6. Something about the question “Do not show this dialog again” doesn’t feel right. The important issue is not the dialog but the question. If I recall correctly uses a phrase more like “Do not ask again” which is more appropriate.
    A different workding could also helps avoid well meaning translators who wonder if dialog should be translated into dialogue for British users. (I contend it should not be translated for the same reason we dont translate program except television programme, the implication being “computer program”.)

    The Gnome HI Guidelines recommend against this kind of dialog for several reasons. If you dont want it to keep coming up maybe it might be better to ask the question some other way, and if users do decide they dont want to see it again is there any way for them to change their mind later and reenable the dialog to be shown. If you can think of another way to approach the overall problem you might end up with a much better solution, so if you can spare the time it might be worth thinking about it further.
    Good luck.

  7. I love it when people scream HIG. Yes, I was unsure of the proper wording for this and meant to confirm it before the release, but it slipped through the cracks. Will fix with whatever is appropriate for the next release.

  8. I need some compile help. I’m getting:

    ./ImportManager.cs(194,5): error CS0104: `Stat’ is an ambiguous reference between `Mono.Unix.Stat’ and `Mono.Unix.Native.Stat’
    Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings


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