I am on a quest

A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to have lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. My mission was clear: conqueror the 1 lb burger. Simple. It was amazing, and I am now on a quest for bigger, badder burgers. Perhaps one day, I will dominate this incredible hunk of heart-attack.

The 1lb RT burger

Earlier this week I was a bit spaztastic, obsessing over including SexyIconEntry as the search widget in Banshee, amazed by how much it had improved over the last few months. While this may happen in a future release, I’m holding off on comitting that patch as I really don’t want to make libsexy a dep right now. However, in the process I decided to write GAPI-based C# bindings to libsexy, which are now available in the libsexy-mono module Christian’s SVN repo.

Banshee with libsexy's SexyIconEntry

Jon has been doing some really cool work with a new Banshee source plugin. I’m sure there will be more on this later :-). Also, Fredrik has been hacking on Jon’s SharpMusique to create a Banshee plugin (SharpMusique is an iTms client, and allows purchasing music using your Apple account from the iTunes Music Store). He committed a first pass of the integration plugin (svn co svn://abock.org/trunk/banshee-itunes-plugin), for anyone who wishes to test. At the moment there is no menu integration, and you can only purchase one track at a time, and if you’ve used iTunes 6, your account is flagged, and will not allow purchases (yet). Nonetheless, this is an excellent start :-D

Banshee iTms Plugin

Also last week, I discovered X-Moto and have a new addiction to add to my collection.

X-Moto is super

That is all.

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  1. For dangerous burgers, there’s always “The Luther” from The Boondocks episode “The Itis”: a one pound hamburger patty, 5 pieces of bacon, cheese, placed between two Krispy Kream donuts.

    Great episode.

  2. A question about the plugin: can one purchase music from iTunes and convert it into MP3 192KBps without DRM?

  3. anonymono: yes, the music purchased from iTms is actually DRM-free. iTunes itself (as a client) actually applies DRM after the song is downloaded. The plugin will eventually offer to convert DRM-free AAC songs to MP3 on the fly while downloading from iTms.

    SupersizedMeals.com has some awesome food as well :-D

  4. I stil mis internet radio in Banshee, it would be cool if Banshee could download a list of internet radio stations from the internet

  5. Aaron: thanks for your answer. Do you know when will be available the feature for converting to MP3? Congratulations for Banshee.

  6. I don’t know if they are in your area, but CheeBurger CheeBurger in Annapolis will deliver some monster burgers. I have enjoyed the Bennigan’s Burger also. It’s quite tasty, but my favorite burger yet, though not large, must be the Dave & Busters Monterey Burger. I had that this weekend and was absolutely impressed.

    For you Banshee types, someone is working on the internet radio plugin, fear not and go forth to post relevant comments.

  7. You think X-Moto is adictive, if you have a Palm device try out Bike or Die (bike.toyspring.com). There are ranking and replays on the web site. Very nice.

  8. Hey Aaron, figured out your next burger challenge?

    Nice job on the Ultimate Colossal Burger too! :)

    And thanks for the link! (I posted an article on the Ultimate Colossal the other day, and you’re on it! Hahahah, nice expression!)


  9. Billy: Hahaha, that is excellent. However, despite my expression, I couldn’t have been happier. I was so into the burger, I think it was a “deer in the headlights” kind of look. I have since had a few more RTUC burgers, and am trying to find a larger one at least within driving distance. This can’t be healthy. :)

  10. I live really close to that denny beer pub where they have the 12lb burger. They used to have a 6lb one and this 100 lb girl ate it all. Very interesting.

  11. You could always try the 1lb burger at cheeburger cheeburger, you get your picture on the wall if you finish it…though a friend and I both finished it…damn fine burger though.
    Thanks for making Banshee it’s a great piece of software…now if I can just get the mp4’s in makes with the aac encoder to play on my ipod I’d be a happy camper. Thanks again!

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