WordPress 2.0

I’m impressed. I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0, and despite there being an insane amount instruction on the upgrade process, it went very smoothly, much to my surprise. I’m not sure how I feel about the WYSIWYG editor though. I just hope it lets me type my own XHTML and not escape all my tags.

On Friday the cable dude came to hook me up with a more reliable and faster connection to the outside world. It’s pretty awesome. Again, I’m impressed.

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  1. The WYSIWYG editor implementation is spectacularly borked, too – on saving, it goes through replacing all your ‘p’ tags with \n\n , just so that the WordPress auto-paragraph function can add the ‘p’ tags back in. Which is fine, as long as you don’t use blockquotes, or try and use ‘ins’ as a block-level element, or anything slightly complicated which the wp-autop function might not understand. I spent some time digging in the sources and got it working in a more-or-less sane way, but it’s still pretty fragile. You can disable the WYSIWYG editor on your ‘Profile’ page.

  2. heh… that’s not too many instructions… ever tried installing gentoo?? that’s painful…

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