I should be a stunt-car driver

I was on my way to get some lunch today, doing about 40 MPH in the jeep down a slight hill around a reasonably tight curve, over a small bridge that goes over the lake that is near by the house – completely normal, I do this a few times a day. The road was wet too. All of a sudden, the transmission kicks, and then completely locks up in park. Keep in mind the conditions. There are also cars coming over the bridge in the opposite direction.

So with the transmission locked, the engine shuts off, and I press the breaks, hoping to maybe take some stress off the transmission and stop faster and safer. Meanwhile I’m spinning the wheel in various directions very rapidly, and while there was lots of skidding and swerving, I managed to keep the jeep mostly in my lane without hitting the bridge rail or oncoming traffic. I’m soooo glad there was no one behind me, especially considering in this area people most of the time will tailgate you.

At a stop, at the end of the bridge, smoke is still coming from the rear tires, the “gear shift” is still stuck in drive, yet the transmission is locked in park, and the engine is off. This means the engine will refuse to start. I managed to rock the jeep a bit and was able to put the shifter back into park and start the engine, and drive out of the way.

The Jeep: about a year ago

Tomorrow it seems the jeep will be in the hospital. Maybe I’ll just drive it off a parking garage and watch the pretty flames. That’d be cool.