Banshee 0.10.4

I just released Banshee 0.10.4. It features a snazzy new plugin system, the first four official (awesome) plugins, better source management, and other stuff that I mostly wrote about a week ago. No sense in repeating myself too much though: have some release notes.

I am also working on what is tentatively called Mono.ZeroConf – Mono bindings to mDNSResponder. Currently the Banshee DAAP plugin (daap-sharp) uses Avahi, which is great, but it should soon also work with mDNSResponder ala Mono.ZeroConf. I won’t even being to mention what a pain the mDNSResponder API is. Nonetheless, it’s working quite well thus far. Browsing and resolving/browse responses working sync and async, and TXTRecord-related APIs work. More on this later I guess. Flames accepted!

In other news, I’ve been visiting at my Mother’s since Saturday evening. I’m totally allergic to the house, but it’s nice to spend time with everyone, including the cats and the new puppy…. and no, I’m not allergic to the animals… it really is the house.

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  1. You say that Banshee is licensed under the X11 MIT license and yet Muine, including code that you copied directly is licensed under the GPL.


    I don’t know whether the GPL permits linking with MIT code but I am guessing not. Perhaps relicensing under the MIT license would prevent the legal problem with using GStreamer MP3 plugins that was all the debate about a year ago (most were saying we should relicense Muine under the LGPL).

    However, as it stands, Banshee is in violation of copyright law and this needs to be remedied.

    Email me to discuss this problem.
    Tamara Roberson

  2. Tamara, a few things…

    a) It sure is lovely that you felt the need to call this to attention publicly on my blog, yet you ask me to email you to “discuss this problem.” I’m pretty sure my email address is really easy to find. A+ for that move!

    b) I mailed you in July specifically about the re-licensing of this file, to which you replied you had no issues with relicensing it, provided it was okay with Jorn. I’ll forward you your reply if you wish!

    c) This code isn’t even used in Banshee, so thanks for helping me clean up the tree just a little more. I’ll remove it shortly.

    d) We licensed Banshee under MIT because well, it doesn’t bother us to use a more liberal license, and of course it’s much easier to work with proprietary codec licenses.

  3. Tamara: just for you…

    2006-01-17 Aaron Bockover

    * banshee.mdp:
    * src/SignalUtils.cs:
    * src/ Removed SignalUtils.cs; it has not been used in many
    months and is not necessary

  4. the source page is now updated, might have been some very persistent caching on my side, or you refreshing something your side?

  5. Hi, in this two days I’ve used banshee often ( and I love it, now is more stable and faster than the previous release…

    But IMHO there is a big limitation, banshee *can’t rock* without the “genre/artist/album browser”, this is my opinion, at the moment I have a library of about 1000 songs, and without this feature I’m lost! Sorry for this comment, but remember I really like banshee ;)

  6. OK, yesterday I’ve seen banshee potentially can manage images of album cover, but can just use something downloaded from internet, and not what I putted into the tags…so many albums are not covered (this is a good eay of use this verb ;)) and sometimes the covers differs from the covers stored into the tag. At the moment it’s OK, but should be better use before the images stored into the tags and if not exists download it somewhere over the rainbow…

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