Ekiga and Diamond

This evening I decided to try out the new Ekiga. The build was very easy, no hiccups. After testing SIP support, which has never worked for me in old GnomeMeeting, I became quite excited. I then signed up for a Diamond account, and a few minutes later, was using Ekiga to call a land line.

Good-bye SkypeOut!

The Diamond quality is much better than Skype, and it’s all SIP/Asterisk-based… not to mention no more proprietary bloated static QT Skype client. Rock on Ekiga!

Banshee 0.10.4

I just released Banshee 0.10.4. It features a snazzy new plugin system, the first four official (awesome) plugins, better source management, and other stuff that I mostly wrote about a week ago. No sense in repeating myself too much though: have some release notes.

I am also working on what is tentatively called Mono.ZeroConf – Mono bindings to mDNSResponder. Currently the Banshee DAAP plugin (daap-sharp) uses Avahi, which is great, but it should soon also work with mDNSResponder ala Mono.ZeroConf. I won’t even being to mention what a pain the mDNSResponder API is. Nonetheless, it’s working quite well thus far. Browsing and resolving/browse responses working sync and async, and TXTRecord-related APIs work. More on this later I guess. Flames accepted!

In other news, I’ve been visiting at my Mother’s since Saturday evening. I’m totally allergic to the house, but it’s nice to spend time with everyone, including the cats and the new puppy…. and no, I’m not allergic to the animals… it really is the house.