Banshee 0.10: Enjoy Sugar and Fire

Why yes, Banshee 0.10 is now available.

Lots of stuff has happened in under a week:

  • Finally merged the new import backend, fixes about 5 big bugs, and sprinkles lots of awesomeness on the app
  • iPod syncing is back in full force now that the DAP framework is really rocking
  • And to celebrate GStreamer 0.10, you can now build Banshee with experimental GStreamer 0.10 support

iPod: it's a fashion trend!
The iPod – it’s a fashion trend!

NJB support should be complete by the end of next week, along with generic USB mass storage DAP support. Thanks to everyone who has sent me DAP Probes. I have about 50 probe dumps in an IMAP folder. These will be very useful in getting the generic support in.

Regarding GStreamer 0.10: Currently only the playback engine has a 0.10 port. You can listen to music with GStreamer 0.10, but you can’t play or rip CDs, nor can you transcode files (for instance, CD burning and converting unsupported formats to iPod-supported formats). These backends will be ported over the next month. If you want to test the playback backend, pass --with-gstreamer-0-10 to Banshee configure. Congratulations to the GStreamer team on their great 0.10 release! Also, I promise our version numbers are purely a coincidence ;-)

And now for some sugar, crack, fire, whatever:

CD Burning, CD Ripping, Importing
iPod Syncing

11 Replies to “Banshee 0.10: Enjoy Sugar and Fire”

  1. I’m not sure if you want this as a bug or not, but …

    I upgraded from the last release to the latest. Banshee wasn’t starting up from the menu so I started from the terminal. I was getting a DirectoryNotFound exception for /usr/local/lib/banshee/Banshee.Dap. Everything went smoothly once I created that directory.

    As always, thanks for the awesome work & app!

  2. Aaron, any chance the browser patch (see mailing list) will make it in soon? I think banshee profits A LOT from this. It’s working nicely already, getting it into head would men more testing and the ramining bugs would be gone very fast

    Anyway, thanks for 0.10!

  3. Yo Homie… very pretty new stuff you have in there :-) Any word on iRiver support? I want to impress my roommate by working with his device in Banshee.

    Anyway I’m going to go ahead and checkout and build this one, although I have a feeling under Gentoo it’s going to be quite the process trying to get other packages up to date.

  4. Just a question about future release of banshee …
    Will it support podcast radio synchronisation and download in the future ?

    It is all that misses to be my #1 music player !

    Keep up your good work !

  5. Hello,

    I like banshee, while I really disliked rhythmbox. But *no* player out there (that I know of) supports classical music. I know mp3 nor musicbrainz has support for the composer field. That makes managing classical music mp3s very annoying (and I have some 500 classical CDs ripped :-( ). But the Ogg people got it right. Since the iPod supports the Composer field, it would be nice if that field could be added to the library.

    thx for your time!

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