Two Ends of the Spectrum

So much has happened in my coffee world since my last post. Thanks to everyone who posted great insight.

Currently, this is my situation: there are two coffee lovers in me. There’s the addict, who must have some form of coffee at relatively regular intervals throughout the day, and then there’s the guy who can relax for a moment to enjoy a really good cup.

I wanted to try a pressure brewer for convenience, but after reading everyone’s comments on the last post, I decided to pull my french press out of storage. After cleaning it out, I went to this nice local coffee place and purchased some Nicaraguan beans, came home, and threw some in the grinder. I then fell in love with the french press :-). The sad thing is that before yesterday, I think I had used it maybe twice. I’ve used it four times since yesterday.

At some point this week I’m going to return the piece of junk Black & Decker HCC100 Pressure Brewer and get the Senseo. It sits on my desk, and is ready to deliver a decent cup of coffee with one press of a button. The HCC100 makes decent coffee, but it has awful reviews and very, very poorly manufactured.

I also had an urge for cinnamon today (and Bulgarian chocolate nut), so I added some [cinnamon] to the grounds in my last “press.” It’s very delightful. I guess the new Folgers cinnamon commercials made me do it.

My conclusion: the pressure brewer delivers “On Demand” coffee services, and the french press relieves you of the guilt of using the pressure brewer. Both actually solve my original problem of coffee being too hot when made by a drip machine, because the water has time to cool with the french press, and the pressure brewer sucks enough to not heat the water up to the same temperature as the drip machine. How neat.

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  1. will try and find a link on line but in a coffee store here in Amsterdam I picked up a pack of 2 plastic filters for the Senseo – open flip top, put in your ground coffee, close. Works very nicely.
    My own latest coffee extravagance is a mini electric grinder – fresh ground on demand is great.

  2. I’m a caffeine addict and have rescently kicked a six-pack a day coke habit and replaced it with a six a day coffee habit. I’ve been using a black and decker thermal select that has an insulated carafe, I fill it a little over 5 with 3 heaping scoops and get 3 steaming mugs ready to drink. From fill to sip is under 10 minutes and it’ll stay hot enough to disolve the sugar and powder creamer for a few hours. Since there is no burner I can forget about it and come back to a nice microwave cup that tastes as good as the first.

  3. No no, you want a moka (sometimes referred to as a Bialetti or a Coffee Percolator) for when you want to enjoy your coffee (SOOOOOO GOOD), and a filter machine with a carafe on a hot plate for your never-ending addiction. Coffee percolators make such good coffee (, and these devices where you have to put pods/modules/whatever in always struck me as wasteful compared to a filter machine where you can just rinse the filter out.

  4. Black and Decker’s coffee select thermal is the worst I have ever owned.The
    coffee comes out warm.Never hot.Black and decker sucks.Not to mention the leaks from pouring.Cannot remove the bottom which I think must have been glued by the manufacturer.

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