Banshee – My iPods think I’m Hawt

No, really, they do. They also recommend building Banshee, which has three major fixes, two of which are iPod fixes that make syncing work without crashing (huh, what a concept). Also some minor UI tweaks to make things look pretty slick.

So just for kicks, I ripped a purchased CD, MusicBrainz fetched the info and Banshee fetched the album cover, then I synced the ripped tracks to an iPod, then I burned those tracks from the iPod back to CD, then I imported the CD again… no loss of metadata. I’m sure the quality dropped a little, as the flac->mp3 conversion does nasty things, but you can bring that up with Apple.

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  1. Banshee uses GStreamer for transcoding and CD playback/ripping. For regular file playback it also uses GStreamer, but can optionally be changed to use Helix/RealPlayer or VLC engines, depending on how it was configured. Playback engines are loaded at runtime though, are completely dynamic, and can be changed within Banshee.

    For syncing to an iPod, Banshee automatically transcodes unsupported formats to iPod-supported formats (MP3, probably, because I’ve yet to see faac work under GStreamer for MP4). Banshee also ships with the Xing MP3 encoder and a GStreamer plugin for it, if you don’t have Lame. If you do have Lame, use it, because it’s a little better.

  2. Oh, okay, that’s hot. I didn’t know about that! I was using a seperate script to do the mp3 conversion, then pointing banshee to those mp3s instead of my flacs.

    How decidedly unproductive of me! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Banshee fetches album covers only for CDs right now. If you play or rip a CD you will get cover art provided MusicBrainz returns an ASIN for the album. It will show up in top-right corner of the interface near the volume button if you play a track which has a cover (ripped track or playing a CD). Hover your mouse over the small thumbnail and a full resolution popup window of the cover will be displayed in the center of your screen. I will add fetching for cover art for all tracks in your library soon.

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