On the Weekends: A Side of Web

I enjoy web-based design work quite a bit, at least in moderation, and find that dabbling in it over the weekends and on some not-so-busy evenings is a nice break from the normal cycle. I have been working mainly on the Banshee Wiki. It has a new tango-esq theme, and validates as XHTML 1.1/CSS2, which I think is fairly unheard of in a Wiki. I also extended my release monitor extension, which allows pages to have custom tags that expand with information about a tarball release on a given project.

I am working on MediaWiki+WordPress integration for Springboard. Since we use MediaWiki so much, I thought it was only fair to switch my personal site to this same platform combination. My blog is now powered by, *sigh*, yet another WordPress install – but I guess there’s a good reason for its popularity. I am still working on the wiki side of things, but the WordPress theme now pulls in its elements from the common theme I am working on for MediaWiki. This is going to be very nice: two content engines dressed up by a single theme, and sharing data. More on this will follow.

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