Check out my New Hard Drive

I bought a 250GB EIDE drive about a month ago, before realizing I had no where to put it. One of these days I suppose I’ll build a SATA system, but for now I just swap various EIDE drives around. The 250 has been just sitting on my desk in the original OEM packaging… until today.

I was in a local computer store looking for a cheap USB 2.0 enclosure for the drive. They had none. However, I did manage to find an EIDE->USB 2.0 converter cable/dongle thingie and power supply. So what do you get when you combine this little gizmo with OEM drive packaging?

Custom HD Enclosure Custom HD Enclosure

A 20-dollar enclosure!

2 Replies to “Check out my New Hard Drive”

  1. Hi, does your converter work in Linux? If so, do you mind telling me the brand? I’m always afraid of buying hardware before I know it’ll work on my computer…. Thanks for the entry mentioning this.

    -James Horey

  2. Of course it does. This kind of hardware has nothing to do with “Linux” or “Windows.” It merely converts EIDE to USB 2.0. As long as your Linux setup supports USB mass storage devices, it will work.

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