New Blog, New Site

I’ve been wanting to re-do my entire web site for quite a few months now, but just haven’t had the time. To complicate things, my server runs PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1, which used to be a requirement for me to host and develop web apps for clients. I’m not strictly tethered to either now, but don’t wish to put any effort into regressing my platform. I just don’t see the point. The reason it complicated things is because it left a slim-to-nil selection of applications to run, as most things PHP don’t support the MySQLi layer in PHP 5. So the basic option left was to rewrite or continue using my custom content system, which has worked very well for years, but has recently left me wanting to add features.

Enter Jaws. Wow. While still under heavy development, it is very promising and has a very bright future. Move over WordPress. It wins in my book simply because HEAD supports MySQLi, which means I can use my existing database server. But what I’m really impressed with is the quality of their code. They are taking advantage of the pretty decent new object model in PHP 5, and they handle their development like a real application, with version control and all, which is fairly uncommon (though I’m a bit out of the loop) with PHP applications.

So in just a couple of hours I wrote a script to port all the entries from database tables in my old content system to Jaws, and have added some links, etc, and set a cute little simple theme. Their template system is pretty nice too, so I need to finish my new design at some point, because I hate themes I didn’t create.

Since I already migrated my old blog, I felt the need to just start using Jaws for new entries. I guess over the next few weeks I’ll be moving non-blog content from the old site to this one, and get that new theme up and running.

So bottom line: I highly recommend taking a look at Jaws!

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  1. Care to share your WP migration script? several people have been insterested in something like that for a while now (wp->jaws migration)

    Congratulations :-)

  2. I wasn’t use WP before. I was using my own content system that I had developed for a client about 4 years ago, so the script would be pretty useless to anyone :)

    However, it should be pretty simple to write one for WP. Just explore what the blog entry and comment tables between Jaws and WP have in common, and write some PHP/Perl/Whatever to glue it together.

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