Mono Development Best Practices

After seeing much code over the past few months that uses some not-so-good practices (myself being the producer of some of the code that fell into one or two of these), today I started the Best Practices page on the Wiki.

I’d like to get a tentative list of these “best practices” going that I can then roll into a more useful, organized, and verbose list in a few weeks. I think it will be very beneficial to anyone who develops under mono, especially newcomers, to be able to glance at this list to keep from falling into these not-so-obvious traps that seem to be repeated here and there. Awareness, awareness, awareness!

So if you have an item to add to the list, please do so. If you don’t have write support on the Wiki, just mail them to me (aaron aaronbock net)… or feel free to add them as comments on this entry.