Banshee BOF at Summit

Due to fairly numerous requests and inquiries about Banshee and whether or not I’d be doing any kind of talk on it, I threw together a quick presentation, and would like to talk about it, some of its reusable components, where it’s going, and also maybe get into more detailed discussion on bringing ubiquitous iPod support to GNOME (Tomboy, Evolution, Nautilus, etc). I’ve penciled in a tenative BOF Time for the talk from 2:00-2:45. If I can somewhat stabilize my local copy of Banshee, I’ll of course demo it as well. See everyone in a few hours!

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  1. Ubiquitous iPod support sounds great, unless like me you don’t have an iPod! I already tried and failed to install Banshee partly because of the libipod*/dbus-sharp dependencies which I guess is only useful for hot-plugging iPods. Could this stuff at least be optional in future?

  2. If you couldn’t install libipoddevice/ipod-sharp/dbus-sharp, then you wouldn’t be able to run Banshee anyway, as other core components need a HAL and D-Bus that is typically standard on GNOME 2.12 distros (you need HAL 0.5.2 or better). If you were able to build libipoddevice, then that’s good measure that you’d be able to build the rest of Banshee… so in that case… don’t plug in an iPod, and you’d never know it was there.

  3. It’s more a case of “I never tried to build libipoddevice, because compiling things takes time and tends to lead to compiling other things”.

    I have the right HAL/DBUS versions as they’re available on Fedora Core 4, but GNOME 2.12 is not (according to the GNOME website only 2 distros currently ship with GNOME 2.12!).

    I probably could have slogged on with it, but in the end it got stuck on the nautilus cd burning stuff which had to be 2.11 or higher, so I can’t use it on any released Fedora distro. The obvious thing is just to wait until the next Fedora is out and hope it contains the new GNOME, but the risk is that by then Banshee will depend on GNOME 2.13 …..

  4. Aside from core components in GNOME 2.12, Banshee only needs libipoddevice and ipod-sharp, neither of which takes long to compile, and are under close control of the Banshee project. When a Banshee release is made, libipoddevice and ipod-sharp releases are also made if necessary… it’s all kept in sync. Everything else is provided by Banshee. Banshee is pretty bleeding edge… it just won’t work on 2.10 or below because of all the API changes in HAL, D-Bus, and Nautilus.

    There are no plans to make it depend on anything in 2.13/2.14… we are stabilizing it to run beautifully on 2.12.

    I’m not sure about FC at all, but 2.12 is in SUSE 10, Ubuntu Breezy, Foresight, and I think Gentoo (not that it matters).

  5. Banshee looks good, though I hope iPod support isn’t the only goal in terms of hardware support. The iPod info dialog and related items look as if they could be relatively easily abstracted away to provide support for other devices, such as (oh, for example) the Creative Zen Micro.

    Are there plans to keep support in general for music players relatively open?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing any possible talk (and to getting GNOME 2.12 running soon, so I can actually try the code out!).

  6. I am average linux user.
    But I found it is toooooo hard to install banshee (from source)
    even I’m using mandriva 2006

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