Clearly, I am Missing Something

“Join the Race to Linux for a chance to win an xBox 360!” … what? Maybe misread that. Nope. I’m sorry, but that’s just a little ironic. Maybe they mean an xBox 360 pre-installed with Linux? No, probably not. I hope that’s not indicative of what may be product of the race. Oh well. May the winners win with Mono, and may they promptly sell their prize, or hack it to pieces – feel free to choose your own definition of ‘hack.’

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  1. I fail to see why it’s “ironic” or “bad” to have an XBox for a prize. XBox is a successful product, a lot of people would want one. The fact that it’s made by Microsoft makes no difference to the people who would like to win a gaming console.

    Ask yourself: would you have written this sorry ass comment post if the prize was a PS2?

    Besides, why does the prize has to be Linux-related? What could it be? An Ubuntu CD? :P

  2. If you fail to see the irony, please have someone define the word for you, and relate it to the context of my post.

    As for “Bad,” I never said it was bad. But you’re right about one thing: if the prize was a PS2, then no, I wouldn’t have found it ironic, so I wouldn’t have posted the comment.

    However, while on the subject of the PS2, I should mention it is much more Linux-related, considering Sony does lots of development internally with Linux, offers PS2 development kits for Linux, and even supports Linux on the PS2 and the upcoming PlayStation.

    And why would the prize *not* be Linux-related? The whole point of the “race” is to promote the usage of popular applications under Linux. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to provide a prize whose development was conceived by the company away from whom you’re trying to move.

    Admittedly, I spend next to no time gaming, and never on a console, so who am I to comment on such things! The last console I purchased was an SNES… what a great system.

    Thank you for your concern!

  3. Actually the charge of irony is unwarranted. This is a contest to port existing ASP.NET applications – that’s a Microsoft technology – to Linux. The only reasonable ways to do that, without completely rewriting from scratch (something explictly allowed by the contest, by the way) are to use Mainsoft’s closed-source, proprietary tools based on Mono or Novell’s Mono ASP layer itself, which is almost certainly encumbered by Microsoft IP (whether fighting that battle is a good idea or not). An Xbox is an appropriate prize.

  4. msi good ol microsoft installer, Yepo thats what the file that you need to download is packaged in. I guess the first part of porting is funding a windows box to install it on ?

    As for the XBox360, I wouldn’t mind one (would like a PS3 more ) but hey, If I can’t have a cell 3 PPC cores will do me fine

  5. I’m sorry to inform you that not everyone who supports Mono is politically aligned with Linux/FOSS.

    From a detached viewpoint the XBox 360 is a very sweet piece of hardware and is due to be released a quarter (or more?) sooner than the PS3.

    I use Mono because it makes my .NET applications run under Linux. Its a good platform. That’s it.

    Does everything concerning it have to be so… I don’t know… Linux fetishy?

  6. >The hardware used for judging will be IBM xSeries.
    Plus the X-Box 360 will use an IBM processor (not Intel), which is probably why they’re not giving away a different console brand.

    But, it still ironic …

  7. I think there is another use for the word “ironic” in the context of the contest called “Race to Linux”. I decided to participate to extend my Mono skills and to learn more about Linux develpement since I’ve been developing MS Windows applications for the last 8 years. When I was reading the rules of the second race I couldn’t believe that the RDBMS engine to use was MS SQL Server, that’s very ironic IMHO. Besides this, I’ve posted a port of the second race to the CodeProject but I break the rules because I didn’t use MS SQL Server as a database layer, FireBird was my database choice and I’m very pleased beacuse I think I’ve learnt a lot. By the way, I really want to win the pretty Xbox but I’will have to wait, first of all because someone else arrived first and then because I break the rules.

  8. “Plus the X-Box 360 will use an IBM processor (not Intel), which is probably why they’re not giving away a different console brand.”

    If you check out the specs of the next gen consoles you will notice they all contain IBM processors and the nintendo gamecube (this gen) also does

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