iPod Support in GNOME… and Lightning!

So the last day or so has consisted of porting the lower-level iPod device detection code that I wrote in C# down to C so that it can be directly integrated into gnome-volume-manager. It’s all GObject/C, so I’ll be using GAPI2 to wrap the thing and merge it with the higher-level iPod code that will stay C#. By using C I managed to almost solve the problem of SCSI device ejection, because it can easily be done in C. What I didn’t take into account was that the eject program is SUID root. SCSI ejection will only work as root. In the end, it just left me execing ‘eject’, which is what I started with in C#. Go figure.

In other news, I was nearly struck by lightning twice today. I decided it was time to walk the dog just as it started pouring, thundering, and lightning. We didn’t care and started walking the trail through the woods around my neighborhood.


As soon as we got back onto the street and began to head home, an extremely close bolt of lightning struck the ground, probably no more than a block away. Everything was flushed white, and then almost instantly red, and immediately after that came extremely loud thunder. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, we started walking faster! About a block from the house and another really close bolt struck somewhere nearby – not as close as the first, but everything was flushed white again, but no red.

We got back inside, dried off, and I moved from upstairs to the screen porch to continue working. How relaxing.

I wish I had brought the camera with me… I don’t know how it would have happened, but it would have been awesome to catch the lightning on camera. Speaking of the camera, I need to take more photos in general. That picture of Ranger is from two years ago, I do believe!

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  1. Hello
    i there area way to have some help on writing c# code from you to detect and manage Ipod using c# but for the Windows platform.

    Thanks in advance.

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