F-Spot, Server Monitoring, ASP.NET, and Crazy Dancing

Today I relaxed a little bit and decided to organize ~/Photos, which has been an all purpose photo dumping grounds for the last year or so. I don’t take many photos, mainly because I have a horrible 2MP camera with awful focus and lighting, so I only had about 400 photos to organize. I built F-Spot for the first time today, and am extremely impressed. However, I did this after manually cropping and rotating about 80 photos using The Gimp. I am extremely impressed with F-Spot – it makes me even more inclined to finally purchase a nice camera.

I love the simple photo touch up tools and the fact that it doesn’t overwrite the original, and of course tagging photos like “Favorites.” The timeline widget is amazing – too bad only a few of my images have EXIF information, because about 90% of my photos, as reported by F-Spot, were taken today, when I copied many of them to a new location. Not much can be done about that I guess.

Anywhoo, I started writing a simple standalone HTTP server in C# today to serve status information regarding the health of my server and its applications and services. It is made up of a simple multi-threaded HTTP server that sends XML “ResponsePackets” containing status information (like uptime, system load, process listings, whether a given service is actually running, memory usage, etc). Each ResponsePacket is handled in code by extending a base ResponseHandler class. These extended classes are then registered with the server at startup in a Hashtable. When a client sends a GET request in the form of “/a:b:c”, “a”, “b”, “c” are parsed out and used to look up the proper ResponseHandler to execute. It’s kinda nifty. I’ll write a simple front end client for it that can email and text message my phone if/when a service goes down.

Of course I’ll release the whole thing in a few weeks when it actually becomes useful.

I also finally managed to build Mono 1.1.7 under my Linode UML server. Before today, Mono would segfault and/or throw a NullReferenceException during compile of mcs. I found out today that it was TLS that was causing the problem, as it’s not well supported under UML. All is well, and I now have mod_mono setup and working, and I look forward to learning ASP.NET (I never thought I would say that!)

Finally, last week I went to my brother’s talent show at his high school. Per his request, I brought my video camera, and recorded most of the show. Some of it was rather amusing, and I think I may put parts of the show on my web site. I’ve started with Shay-Shay. Enjoy!

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  1. Sounds quite handy actually! I hope you do make it available soon!

    Perhaps you could share the base already? Email it?

  2. I’ll probably finish up some of the base server stuff tomorrow so that it’s at least more useful. Currently it only sends ResponsePackets for parsed output of the uptime program, and /proc/{mem,cpu}info. I’m going to finish service monitoring and some other necessary status items tomorrow or over the weekend, and then I’ll make the server available before embarking on a sexy client.

  3. Very well. I’ll wait patiently to see what nice thing you’ve produced. I’ll bookmark either this entry or…how will I know where you’ve placed it?

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